A Pop of Color

by admin

A Pop of Color

One afternoon, my friend Avery and I decided to meet for lunch. The weather for the afternoon was, in my opinion, dreadful. The sky had been consumed with clouds that were ready to give birth to a rainstorm. The sun was nowhere to be found. As I entered the restaurant, I began to scan the dining crowd for my lunch partner, when I heard a lone voice call from across the room, “Glenda, over here!” I noticed my friend, dressed in head-to-toe black, with a pair of black cigarette pants, black ballet flats, and a black turtleneck. However, Avery made the decision to make her ensemble come alive by adding an overly large, brightly hued yellow flower pin to her sweater. Avery looked amazing! By adding a pop of color, she managed to take an otherwise simple outfit and make it into a fashion moment.

Normally, for fall/winter, designers show their collections in a series of muted tones. This year, they shocked the fashion community by suggesting to us all that color, is an absolute necessity; especially when times are, to say the least, less than desirable. I agree with the notion that wearing an unexpected shot of color does wonders for ones psyche. The day I dined with my friend, her yellow flower acted as the sun on that cloudy day. Sure, there are occasions when a monochromatic dose of black is both sexy and mysterious. However, for most circumstances, a shot of color is playful, yet daring. How does one pull off an interesting hue enhancement? Just follow these simple ideas and you’ll walk into any situation feeling like a burst of colorful delight:

The Bold Bag
If you’re dressed to the nines in a black cocktail dress with a pair of black evening shoes, surprise the other guest by carrying a bag that makes a bold statement all on its own.

The Shocking Shoe
Who says that a white dress has to be worn with a neutral shoe? Not so! Do the unusual by pairing your angelic white with a devilish red shoe, or even hot pink.

The Amazing Accessory
Avery knew how to light up the room with her bold flower pin. Take a daring step by adorning yourself with an accessory that is in color contrary to the majority of your outfit. The results … amazing!

The Colorful Coat
Ditch the black, brown and camel colored outerwear for a coat that is in a hue that demands attention. Orange, powder blue, or even Kelly green; if you purchase a colorful coat, you’ll receive an A plus in fashion-savvy.

The Playful Pout
Whenever I think of women that are playful with their makeup, I instantly think of the French. Haven’t we all seen the image of a Parisian woman wearing a chic black ensemble, subtle makeup; except her bold red lips. Tres chic!

The Unleashed Undies
This next surprise of color is just for you, or the significant other in your life. Shhhh, this is your little secret … a pop of colorful undies is a sure fire way to add an element of fun to your day. Your little secret will leave you feeling coquettish and with an uncontrollable urge to giggle. 

I hope these ideas will encourage you to add bright details to your wardrobe. By donning pops of color, you’ll add spontaneity to your day-to-day life. The color will make a powerful and rebellious statement. It will be your own way of giving a finger to all that is bad in this world. (Wink.)

By Glenda K. Harrison