Presenting Me

by admin

Presenting Me

I was watching a local talk show on TV the other day. The host had invited some local actors and singers. Toward the end of the show, the host complimented one actor on how he has managed to look the same for the past twenty years, and somehow never seemed to age. The actor gave a reply that I have probably heard a few times before, but somehow it never sank in until he said it. He said his body was his tool of work, and if he did not look his best, he may not have a job. He said that he would not mess with his breadwinning tool.

I thought about what this actor said and it hit me that every day I am presenting myself to the world. Every day—whether it is at work or at the shopping mall—I meet people. I do not live on an island on my own, so I will definitely interact with people. Yet, I have been singing about taking care of me and loving me more. I’ve been trying to eat right, go to the gym regularly, buy new sexy clothes and lovely shoes … and so on and so on … I make the same resolutions every New Year, and every year without fail I forget those resolutions in February.

After listening to this actor, I looked at the whole thing about loving myself in a slightly different way. I thought of a chef who prepares a great meal, and then presents it with hair or a bug in it. If you found hair or a bug in your meal, you would want to know who prepared the meal, and probably give them a piece of your mind—or just leave the restaurant and possibly never return. Yes, you would be totally disgusted, but believe me, the chef would be humiliated! No self-respecting chef will willingly present a meal that is less than his best effort.

Like the chef, I am responsible for my presentation and want to make it as perfect as it can be—for me. So I have made up my mind, I want to present the best me that I can. I want to smile more, eat healthy, and exercise, I want to look really good and young for my age, I want to look and feel sexy, and make heads turn. We don’t need anyone’s approval in order to love ourselves—I already really love me, but it’s great to have people appreciate the presentation. It is human nature. We need people to appreciate us in order to know we are doing something right. It’s true that it’s not the outside that counts but the inside—but wouldn’t it be great if the outside was just as lovely as the inside?