“Project Runway” Recap: The Curious Case of the Camel Butt

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The Challenge: In teams, design three cohesive looks to complement Heidi’s line of New Balance sneakers using denim, suede, or both. Make it work!
The Drama: As we learned from the stilt-walker challenge two weeks ago, teamwork has a way of turning Project Runway contestants into whiny prima donnas, especially if your name is Bert, and tonight was no exception. Sourpuss Bert (henceforth referred to as Bert the Brat) was paired with Anthony Ryan and Laura—who came off looking like UN-class diplomats in comparison. In the span of a few hours, he managed to aggravate Anthony Ryan to the point of saying, “I haven’t gotten this pissed since I had cancer.” Way to go, Bert the Brat! Meanwhile, Joshua M. was hard at work making Becky cry (he called her “dowdy”!) and refusing to allow her any creative input in their team’s designs, all the while worshipping at fellow teammate Anya’s feet.
In the end, B the B’s vitriol got the best of Anthony Ryan, who landed in the bottom two with a pair of baggy shorts that miraculously gave his model both camel toe and camel butt (seriously, what the what?!), and team captain Joshua M. proved he knows whom to kiss up to; Anya’s funky maxi dress won him a top spot.  
A bright spot in tonight’s otherwise angsty episode was the return of Mr. Bowtie himself, Joshua C., thanks to Cecilia’s abrupt self-elimination. I’ll miss her sometimes-neat designs, but honestly, I missed his bowties and sunny disposition more.  
And a fond farewell goes to Danielle, who went home with a fatal case of chiffon addiction.
The Winner: Viktor Luna, “Joshua McKinley” (aka Anya)
Other Looks We Liked: Kimberly’s sporty-chic shorts-jacket combo.
Quotes of the Night:

“The Klum of Doom” —Josh C. coins a lovable nickname for Heidi.
“You have achieved the impossible.” —Michael Kors pondering the otherworldly offensiveness of Anthony Ryan’s camel-butt shorts.

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Designer: Viktor Luna




Designer: Anya Ayoung-Chee




Designer: Anthony Ryan Auld




Designer: Becky Ross




Designer: Bert Keeter




Designer: Bryce Black




Designer: Danielle Everine




Designer: Joshua Christensen




Designer: Joshua McKinley




Designer: Kimberly Goldson




Designer: Laura Kathleen




Designer: Olivier Green