“Project Runway” Recap: Grooming the Sheepdogs

by admin

The Challenge: Create signature looks for the members of an unsigned rock band to be featured in Rolling Stone. Make it work!
The Drama: Poor designers. Tonight they were the unwitting victims of corporate cross-promotion run amok. Heidi, Tim, and company asked them to create high-fashion looks for a group of low-key rockers who didn’t seem all that stoked about fashion, let alone the flouncy Project Runway kind. The result was a little awkward for all of us.
Team Harmony, comprised of Anya, Laura, Bert, and Anthony Ryan, went the clichéd Jimi Hendrix route, designing bell-bottoms, tie-dyed tops, and dashikis for the members of Sheepdog. The other team went for a slightly more modern Western-wear vibe, but (strangely) couldn’t resist the allure of the dashiki either. Ultimately, it was the lead singer, Ewan, who suffered the most in the challenge. Bert dressed him as a pastel Viking in braids, and Olivier constantly berated him for being grotesquely huge in comparison to the svelte mannequins he usually works with. In my eyes, Ewan, you’re neither Viking nor Goliath; you are just a man. Or a Sheepdog.
None of the looks were great, but some failed more spectacularly than others. Kimberly’s Scooby Doo bowling shirt/dashiki was positively harrowing, and Bert’s friendly, pinstriped Viking situation was uniquely odd. But Olivier got the ax this week, mostly because of his inability to design and tailor for real-life bodies (remember his bout with cleavage last week?). The judges made the right decision; if Olivier can’t handle some boobs and a little bit of girth, he’ll never make it as America’s next Isaac Mizrahi or Michael Kors. But we will miss his blatant contempt for humanity.
The Winner: Viktor Luna
Other Looks We Liked: Laura’s red pants were fun.
Quote of the Night:

“You’re big.”—Olivier, not mincing words to average-sized lead singer Ewan.

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Designer: Viktor Luna




Designer: Anthony Ryan




Designer: Anya Ayoung-Chee




Designer: Bert Keeter




Designer: Joshua McKinley




Designer: Kimberly Goldson




Designer: Laura Green




Designer: Olivier Green