“Project Runway” Recap: Kumbayas and Canceled Crotches

by admin

The Challenge: In teams, create five cohesive looks and produce a fashion show to showcase that collection. Three of the ensembles must incorporate prints designed by your team. Make it work!
The Drama: This week, harmony triumphed over discord as Team Shiny Happy People Holding Hands sailed past Team We Hate Each Other for the easiest Project Runway victory in history. Everything on Team Happy (Anya’s team) was coming up roses: their concept—“inkblots”—was strong, the prints they created were stellar, their egos were kept in check, and their designs were fabulous. Meanwhile, on the dark-and-broody side of the workroom, Joshua M. and Bert bickered about Bert’s foul mouth (I think he said “friggin’”), Becky sulked about her dowdy skirt, Kimberly resigned herself to the ugly, and Laura rightly bemoaned their ill-conceived “nuts and bolts” concept.
The messiah Tim Gunn tried to save Team Train Wreck by ordering them to gather in a prayer circle, hold hands, and vow to communicate better. But the “kumbaya moment” was too little too late. It did ease some of the friction on the team, but it didn’t make their clothes any prettier, and as we know, virtue sans beauty is hardly virtue at all.
Ultimately, Becky “I’m not dowdy” Ross got the boot because her look was dow—I mean boring—and as Michael Kors put it, “It’s not Project Seamstress.”
The Winner: Anya Ayoung-Chee
Other Looks We Liked: Viktor’s evening gown, Anthony Ryan’s spunky day dress.
Quotes of the Night:

“It was like a hooker convention coming home after a late night.” —Michael Kors spots a theme for Team Train Wreck’s hooker-parade collection.
“Not a lot of women want to have ‘canceled’ on their crotch.” —Michael Kors noting the unfortunate but prophetic placement of text on the skirt made by Becky, who was ultimately canceled from the show, crotch included.

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Designer: Anya Ayoung-Chee




Designer: Anthony Ryan Auld




Designer: Becky Ross




Designer: Bert Keeter




Designer: Bryce Black




Designer: Joshua McKinley




Designer: Kimberly Goldson




Designer: Laura Kathleen




Designer: Olivier Green




Designer: Viktor Luna