“Project Runway” Recap: Lofty Expectations

by admin

The Challenge: Collaborate with a randomly selected partner to create couture-chic outfits for stilt-walkers. Good luck with that.
The Drama: Tonight’s episode proved that there’s only one thing in the world more difficult than designing extremely long clothes that don’t look ridiculous: doing so with a partner. For Viktor and Bert, the order was simply too tall. Viktor called Bert an obnoxious know-it-all; Bert said Viktor needed to read some books. The only thing these begrudging teammates seemed to agree on was that their gargantuan renaissance-fair-themed gown was a bust. And their instincts were right—the judges hated it. Since neither designer claimed responsibility for the design, the conception and existence of the gaudy gown remains a mystery. It seems the Ghost of Enormous Dresses That Resemble Curtains assembled the whole thing while Bert and Viktor weren’t looking.
Team Renaissance Curtain lucked out since Fallene and Bryce’s boring black tutu ensemble offended the judges even more than the upholstery dress. Fallene, who was plagued with a debilitating case of self-doubt for the whole episode, was sent home, and even though Josh and Julie sent a bedazzled matador jacket and a ten-mile-long seizure-inducing pair of pants down the runway, the judges made the right decision.
The Winner: Laura took the top spot with the dazzling red gown (pictured above) that she created with emerging frontrunner Anthony Ryan. Well played, team.
Other Looks We Liked: Anya and Oliver’s artsy goddess gown and Becky’s tailored Jetsons jacket.
Quotes of the Night:

“Queen Victoria was in mourning for fifty years, I don’t think that’s a sexy direction I would like to go into.”—Bert demonstrating that he knows who Queen Victoria is and Viktor doesn’t. Take that, Viktor.
“Maybe he just doesn’t know how to say ‘I don’t like it.’” —Anya realizing that when Tim Gunn stares blankly at your design, furrows his brow, and says, “That’s unexpected,” it means, “My god, I’m horrified.”

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Designers: Laura Kathleen, Anthony Ryan Auld




Designers: Cecilia Motwani, Danielle Everine




Designers: Becky Ross, Kimberly Goldson




Designers: Joshua McKinley, Julie Tierney




Designers: Bert Keeter, Viktor Luna




Designers: Fallene Wells, Bryce Black




Designers: Olivier Green, Anya Ayoung-Chee