“Project Runway” Recap: Nina Knows Best

by admin

The Challenge: Design a day-to-night ensemble for Project Runway überjudge and fashion editor extraordinaire Nina Garcia. She doesn’t like loud colors, patterns, voluminous silhouettes, or pleats. Make it work!
The Drama: No-Nonsense Nina had the designers shaking in their boots this week as she provided them with a steady flow of dream-crushing feedback on their designs in the workroom. Her input wasn’t all negative, but let’s just say “Do we have a plan B?” and “No” were her most-used phrases.
One designer who took the critique to heart was sewing savant Anya, who came back from Mood with a bag full of loud printed mustard-colored fabric, as if she was planning to combine all the things Nina dislikes into one monumentally unappetizing pièce de résistance. When Nina raised an eyebrow and asked her about a plan B, Anya scrapped her vision and dyed the mustard to a deep brown. Her quick change paid off, and her playful Nina-friendly jumpsuit landed her in the top three along with Viktor and Kimberly.
The award for Lovable Loose Cannon of the night goes to Nina’s boss at Marie Claire, Joanna Coles, who was bubbling over with deliciously quirky barbs and commentary at the judges’ panel. Joanna, if you’re in need of a BFF, I’m available.
And the award for Biggest Letdown goes to Cecilia, who nearly got sent home for designing a drab dress that Nina called “mousey and mousey.” Ultimately, though, it was Cecilia’s BFF Julie who got the ax for designing what Joanna dubbed a “droat.” Maybe it’s a Colorado thing.
The Winner: Kimberly Goldson
Other Looks We Liked: Anya’s jumpsuit and Becky’s paint-splatter dress.
Quotes of the Night:

“At some point, Anya’s lack of sewing skills is going to show.” —Becky Ross’s first “Oh Snap!” moment.
“I couldn’t let you be in the office in that dress. It wouldn’t be fair to you and it really wouldn’t be fair to us.” —Joanna Coles demonstrating her commitment to justice and propriety for all mankind as she responds to Cecilia’s drab mousey-mousey smock and forbids Nina to wear it to work.


Designer: Kimberly Goldson




Designer: Anya Ayoung-Chee




Designer: Becky Ross




Designer: Bryce Black




Designer: Danielle Everine




Designer: Bert Keeter




Designer Viktor Luna




Designer: Joshua McKinley




Designer: Olivier Green




Designer: Julie Tierney




Designer: Laura Kathleen




Designer: Cecilia Motwani




Designer: Anthony Ryan Auld