“Project Runway” Recap: The Old Bird Gets the Worm

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“Project Runway” Recap: The Old Bird Gets the Worm

Our favorite fashion foursome (Heidi, Nina, Michael, and Tim) is back for season nine of Project Runway, and the competition is lookin’ fierce. In case you were inexplicably not glued to the screen for the first episode, have no fear, I was. Here’s what you missed:

The Challenge:
Create a runway look using the pajamas you slept in and a sheet from your bed. Make it work.

Who Might Have Superpowers:
It’s a toss-up between twenty-nine-year-old former Ms. Universe contestant Anya Ayoung-Chee, who reveals in the first five minutes of the episode that she literally just learned how to sew and somehow ends up constructing one of the top three looks of the night, all the while proclaiming, “I’ve never sewn pants before!” and “I’ve never sewn silk before!” We’re not entirely sure she knows what show she’s on. And then there’s twenty-eight-year-old Anthony Ryan Auld, who wowed the judges with his color palette on the first challenge despite the fact that he’s color-blind.

The Winning Ensemble:

Fifty-seven-year-old Bert Keete
r (who seems like a sweetheart, by the way) schooled all the amateurs by sewing his old-man plaid boxer shorts into the bodice of a chic uptown-meets-downtown dress that had the judges gushing. We’re guessing he didn’t tell the model where his fabrics came from.

Quotes of the Night:

  •  “She’s wearing a Flintstone disco pouch.” —Michael Kors to first eliminee, Rafael Cox, who used his animal-print head scarf to craft a rather unfortunate, well, cave-man-meets-disco pouch on the front of his bed-sheet shirt. Let it be a lesson, Rafael.
  •  “Nina and I are clearly talking sex with our eyes.” —Rafael Cox being wrong about things.
  •  “There’s a way of using the feathers that wouldn’t be this pubic patch.” —Tim Gunn stating what should be the obvious to contestant Anthony Ryan Auld, who wanted to add a cluster of black feathers to the crotchal region of his otherwise winning skirt.
  • “I was inspired by cocoons and chrysalises.” —The words that dampened everyone’s enthusiasm for wannabe contestant David Chum’s designs and may have cost the designer a spot on the show.

Other Looks We Liked:

Danielle Everine’s Frumpy-Chic Shorts Ensemble

Cecilia’s Uncomfortably Short but Sophisticated Three-Piecer

Check out all the looks that the designer hopefuls sent down the runway, and let us know which one is your favorite!  

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