“Project Runway” Recap: The One Where Nobody Wins

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“Project Runway” Recap: The One Where Nobody Wins

The Challenge: Create a ten-piece collection over five weeks with a budget of $9,000. Present three looks from this collection to win a spot at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

The Drama: This episode, the one where Tim visits each of the contestants in their natural habitats and induces panic attacks with his amusingly blunt feedback, is always my favorite of the season. Tonight was no exception.

Mr. Gunn’s sartorial wisdom was most needed in Joshua’s studio, where Mr. Glamour-Puss McKinley was up to his old tricks of overdoing it in every way. Confronted swath after swath of over-the-top gaudy fabric, Tim was nearly brought to tears: “[This dress] makes me want to weep,” he said. Poor Mr. Gunn—so sensitive in the eyes.

The designer who was the most off her game was Anya. She had no garments to show Tim and therefore was unable to benefit from a critique. Knowing that she’s a last-minute kind of gal, I assumed she’d put on her cape, summon her superpowers, and whip up an amazing collection after he left. She didn’t. Save one pretty batik dress, the garments she showed the judges were underwhelming and scatterbrained. Although Kimberly’s “Brooklyn girl gone neon” collection was less appealing, at least it was cohesive. I feared our little sewing savant/beauty queen was going home.

Ultimately though, all of the fretting (and sewing, and showing) was for naught. The judges couldn’t find it in their pretty little hearts to send any of them home, opting instead to bring all four of them to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The move left Joshua (and viewers like me) wondering what the point of this episode was. Oh well, bring on the finale!

Who We Think Will Win: Anya if she can pull it together; Viktor if she can’t.

Quotes of the Night:

  • “I think it’s one of the homeliest textiles I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” —Tim Gunn, being shocked at Joshua’s ability to consistently select ugly things.
  • “This isn’t fuddy-duddy dress-up; this is New York Fashion Week.” —Joshua McKinley, expressing frustration that Fuddy and Duddy (also known as Anya and Kimberly) were not eliminated.