Pull It Together, Mamas

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Pull It Together, Mamas

Five Easy Ways to Look Put Together—Even Just for Drop-Off

So your day begins in the early a.m., making school lunches, waking the kids up, whipping up breakfast, and filing everyone in to the “mommy” bus. How are you supposed to look halfway decent making the drop-off? Please don’t say slip into my sweat pants and Crocs and I’m out the door. There are a few quick and easy ways to look fabulous even at 7 a.m. Why not look like the hot mama in the schoolyard?

1. Planning is part of the program. A quick five-minute look through your wardrobe at night can make your morning style a no-brainer.

2. Try a nice pair of wide leg denim jeans paired with a simple Henley and cropped jacket … so easy, so super stylish.

3. Chic flats in a color that pops will work pretty much through out the year (try Tory Burch or London Sole). In the cold months, a fashionable pair of flat riding boots (Frye is the master) is perfection! Do not wear flip-flops or anything that may look like a slipper!

4. Oversized leather satchel, in royal hues like emerald, ruby, or sapphire. This can be an ultimate splurge item—but it doesn’t have to break your bank.

5. Ready for your close-up? Not yet! The finishing touches: hair and makeup. A simple headband will make straggly hair look kempt. Apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF, mascara, and lip gloss and you’re looking like a million bucks! Of course, a little extra sleep doesn’t hurt either (ha!) … if you can’t get that, throw on a pair of oversized sunglass for a glam look.

There … don’t you feel better already?

By Dawn Del Russo, BettyConfidential.com

Photo courtesy of BettyConfidential