Pumps Aren’t for Picketing: From a Writer’s Guild Striker

by admin

Pumps Aren’t for Picketing: From a Writer’s Guild Striker

With the Writers Guild strike lasting long enough for the seasons to have changed, clothing became an issue. Weather is one of the factors that makes picketing on the East Coast more problematic than it is in LA. Two young writers on the picket line were carping that they’re happier picketing on the West Coast, setting forth as their reason, “My best feature are my legs.” I responded that I prefer picketing in New York, explaining, “My best feature are my coats.”

Along with the many other complications of a long strike, the drop in temperature made it impossible to continue picketing in my comfortable Mephisto sandals, causing me to purchase shoes and appropriate cold weather attire, including layers, a scarf, hat, and gloves suitable for marching on the city streets while holding a sign.

Though there are holiday sales and cruise wear lines in the stores, nobody has introduced a line of picketing fashions, which would have been a supportive and useful show of solidarity with the Writers Guild. If there are stores selling pasta shaped like a penis, someone might have conceived of clothing for labor strikes.

Imagine, therefore, my horror when my husband/writing partner called out with glee, “They’re back at the table and may be close to reaching an agreement!” Why didn’t the Writers Guild hint that I shouldn’t snip off the tags of my newly purchased picketing garments?