Quest of True Beauty: What Is It Really?

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Quest of True Beauty: What Is It Really?

One of the most fascinating aspects of life besides love, happiness, and contentment is beauty. Beauty can be defined in many ways, portrayed in a large magnitude of degree and seen or felt in the perspective of the viewer. So what is true beauty really?

In my opinion, true beauty is not due to your physical appearance … it has to be something from within. From my experience, I was dateless and ranked as one of the “ugly” girls in high school (LOL). However, instead of mopping around and putting a paper bag over my face I opened my eyes to see the real pictures. I had less people seeking my company but I had a handful of people (guys) who stick around because of who I am inside. They saw the beauty of my personality and who I am so they are captivated by me. I was comfortable with who I am and this affected them too.

Another example of contagious and captivating beauty some learnt to express in their aura. Most people stereotype aura as the “color” of your personality or heart, but in my opinion, it is some form of energy released by a human to capture someone’s attention. It is an energy so strong that you can actually control how the person feels (in general), how they view you, and especially their feelings towards you. There are many things that we do not understand about our own mind. For instance, on rare occasions I have to walk to school; it was quite a long walk and Tuesdays are always busy on that route. I decided to walk half the route being expressionless and having myself to think about all the profanity and depressing things that happened to me. Surprisingly no one greeted me with a cheerful “Good Morning” and they even distanced from me like I’m plague. Finally, I reached the mid point of my route, I calmed myself and believed that I was glowing and bubbling with joy. Again people began passing and I saw twinkling in their eyes, they seemed to share and feel my aura and were much cheerful than the first set of people.

True beauty is explainable in various interpretations but why do some people still appear more luring is a profound mystery. Physical beauty fades in time no matter how careful and the amount of pampering you spent, but the beauty that never fades is the beauty of your spirit and your soul.

What were we thinking?

Many of us may encounter situations where we begin to question the value of our relationship or whether the guy deserves you. For some people it will be a door to self discovery and bliss while for others.