Rainy Day Soak

by admin

Rainy Day Soak

The cool rain washed over my face; I felt each drop crash into my skin. Slowly, I slipped into the hot mineral spring. The delight to my senses was fantastic. Warm and sensuous, the spring welcomed me with open arms. As I sunk deeper into the pool, the rains came down harder. When a drop hit the water’s surface, a mini drop would bounce off, making a special shape. I was low in the water with my eyes level with the top of the water; it was like watching the water dance. Small figures moving across the water wearing costumes of smooth divinity, dancing with ease from the sky into the steamy, dreamy pool.

I moved toward the waterfall at the far side of the pool. Steaming hot spring water flowed recklessly into the pond. A big splash was created when the spilling water met the still glass like surface of the water. I sit below; the flow feeling the water massages my sore muscles and warms me deep into my soul. The cool rain falls on my head. As I find the perfect pose, the world melts away into the steady drip of the raindrops falling.

Quietly, I move away from the spilling water and toward the edge, the edge of where heaven meets reality. I reach toward the sky, feeling the cool drops wash the heat from the springs off my hot skin. I turn and plunge back into the warmth of the water to quickly find I prefer the pool over the real world.