A Rare Find!

by admin

A Rare Find!

Hi, I’m Opal, and here is my TRUTH!

I was born in the U.S., but I am a descendent from the French Polynesian Islands. I speak fluent English, and a tad bit of French. I’ve always known that I was an unusual being; not quite like anyone else that I’ve encountered since I’ve been here on my journey!

I am somewhat of a romantic; an exotic dreamer! I love to read and write about things that are fascinating and somewhat fiction! I am a freelance reader and writer, and I love creating things that inspire LIFE!!!

On a more spiritual note; I have a passion for humanity and matters of the heart! I seek to inspire and uplift all those who are searching for their inner truth! Some have labeled me as an angel, because after you’ve had an encouraging conversation with me, you will leave feeling as if you can conquer the WORLD!

On a softer note; I am the proud mom of an incredible ten year old, who never ceases to amaze me with her natural ability to create brilliant designs from scratch!!! She is everything that I imagined she would be and so much more!!! And, I am humbled to have been chosen by GOD to bring such a spirit such as hers into the world!!!

In closing, I am truly a TREASURE be desired by all who are sailing through LIFE, looking for an awesome adventure, and seeking a JEWEL that is a RARE find!