Recession Isn’t an Excuse for Poor Fashion Sense

by admin

Recession Isn’t an Excuse for Poor Fashion Sense

We’ve all said it, no matter how old we are: “Oh my God! I can’t believe I wore that!”

The commonality, however, is that such a comment is usually made years, if not decades, later.

I have found the exception.

This can apply immediately to the new trend of “ripped tights.” Put them on, take a quick picture, and take them off. Mission accomplished.

Not too long ago, ripped tights were either a sign of negligence, misfortune or career choice. The two former, at least, aren’t intentional. So why is it considered posh and sexy to wear something you would typically throw away? Is trash the next big thing? Or is it because the recession has forced us all to keep what we would normally throw out?

I understand “hobo chic” somehow made its way into the fashion realm (mostly due to the Olsen twins not being able to fit into regular-sized clothing), but I think “hooker chic” is just too much.

Los Angeles is always quickly on board with fashion trends, so I have been exposed to these atrocities first hand. The offenders do not look like hot or fierce women demanding attention in a club; they simply look like a prostitutes browsing for a John. In a way, I’m sure many women seek a happy medium between the two images, but whatever happened to short skirts and cleavage?

Bare legs are sexy and regular tights are trendy. There is no need to unite the two. Leave the two entities alone, unless you are exploring other career options in light of the economy. Times are tough, I’m the first to know, but let’s all try our best to keep our class and dignity intact.