Recovering from Rhinoplasty: What to Expect

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Recovering from Rhinoplasty: What to Expect

Rhinoplasty is becoming a fairly common plastic surgery procedure these days at Chirurgie Esthetique Montreal, but most people don’t want to be out of commission for very long. What should you expect when it comes to the recovery time? Well, rhinoplasty is essentially the reshaping of your nose. It’s a fairly invasive procedure that often requires breaking the nasal bone and doing some major reconstruction.

While techniques have definitely improved over the past decade, it’s still not reasonable to expect to walk out of surgery with your perfect nose. The intensity of the surgery requires some down time and if you are working or studying, you will definitely need to take some time off to recover from your rhinoplasty.

Time Requirements
Most people will need to take at least four to five days off, but a week is better, if you can book it. Chances are, you’ll feel well enough to go about your daily chores after about three days, but that doesn’t mean you should head off to work again at that time. While you may feel better after the first couple of days, there are some symptoms that will continue for a little longer.

The first twenty-four hours after your rhinoplasty surgery are the worst. Waking up, you’ll feel sore and swollen, something that definitely diminishes after the first day. However, it’s quite common to have a little nosebleed throughout the first few days after surgery. Obviously, it’s better to stay home during this time rather than go in to work.

The bruising is possibly the biggest reason for taking time off from work or school. Due to the trauma of the reshaping, it’s very common to have two black eyes after this type of surgery, as well as bruising along the nose. You will probably want to wait until the bruising fades before heading out into public. The nose splint will be worn for a week after surgery, so while this hides some of the bruising; it is still not something most people want to walk around with.

You can speed the recovery time by applying ice packs to reduce the immediate swelling and to help quell bruises. This will shorten the amount of time you need to sit back and recover as well.

Other Symptoms
Bruising and bleeding may be the main reasons for resting up a week, but there are some other symptoms that can be handy to know about, as well. Talk to your doctor to find out just what to expect. There’s no reason to scare yourself, but it’s good to be aware of what to expect.

Swelling will be noticeable for up to a month and a half after the rhinoplasty. This is completely normal and the swelling actually won’t go down completely for at least a year. It takes this long to see exactly what the new nose shape will be, so if you’re not happy with the form your nose takes immediately, wait for a while before considering intervention. However, the majority of the swelling will be gone within a few weeks and you should be fine to return to work before then.

Rhinoplasty is a definite surgical procedure. It requires some invasive techniques that will leave the nose tender and sore for a while and it’s really best to take a week off work to recover. While you could technically head back after just three days or so, it would be far more beneficial to let your body relax and heal itself. There’s no need to put your life on hold, though. After a few days, you should be able to do just about any normal activity with the nose splint on.