Red Carpet Looks from the 2013 American Music Awards

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Red Carpet Looks from the 2013 American Music Awards

As 2013 came to a close, America took a moment to look back on the best musical moments, the hottest acts, and most importantly, pick apart everyone’s fashion choices. Here are some of the most talked about red carpet looks from the 2013 American Music Awards.


AMAs: Christina Aguilera



Christina's come a long way since her Dirrty days. We're glad this pop icon traded her braids and assless chaps for curls and cutouts. A lot of stars try to channel Marilyn Monroe on the red carpet, but Christina rocks the white gown and bleach blond bob in a way that no one else can.


AMAs: Lady Gaga



Here to save the day? Mother Monster rolled into the AMAs on a white horse, escorted by a man in a white suit… and two more men, propelling the creepy plastic horse. We all know Lady Gaga loves to steal the show, but this time she missed the mark: We hardly noticed her on top of all that Spandex-clad manhood.


AMAs: Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift shocked us with her sparkling mini this year. The starlet, who's usually all old-Hollywood glamour at red carpet events, looked chic and modern in her gold cocktail dress and strappy heels. Pairing the futuristic frock with a nude makeup palette makes us love her look even more!


AMAs: Miley Cyrus



Popstar Miley Cyrus looked grown-up in this sleek white suit. The lines fit her frame perfectly, and the gold safety pin accents add the badass edge that's been keeping her in the news lately. Sophisticated, yet daring. Stop trying to make us like you Miley.


AMAs: Jennifer Hudson



Damn, Jennifer! The singer-cum-actress looks smoking hot in this bright orange dress. We're obsessed with the color, and the pink inner panel — but we do have one bone to pick: Blue eyeliner and nails? We know she's from Chicago, but the red carpet is no place to be representing Da Bears.


AMAs: Zoe Saldana



Actress Zoe Saldana kept it super chic with her black and white dress and nude mani at the AMAs, but her bracelet-ring combo looks a little witchy. The star is known for her fashion finesse, but this time it seems she may have raided Bette Midler's Hocus Pocus costume closet. Who are we kidding though? Miss Saldana is a trendsetter. If she did take up witchcraft or join a cult, we're probably not far behind.


AMAs: Kelly Osbourne



If there was ever a chic way to look like an awesome dinosaur-robot hybrid, this is it. We love Kelly's gold rock-and-roll studded headpiece almost as much as we're still digging her pastel hair. It's hard to look at these lavender locks without wondering if you could pull it off as well as Ozzy's daughter. (Hint: Probably not, but that's never stopped us from trying a trend.)


AMAs: Naya Rivera



That train! That cuff! That cleavage! Singer and Glee star Naya Rivera blew every other red carpet look out of the water this year. From her perfect tresses to her gold-buckle heels, there's nothing not to love about this look. Sorry, she's not sorry.


AMAs: Katy Perry



Nobody does campy better than the queen of kitsch, Katy Perry. As much as we never imagined saying something like this, we're totally digging her bright-yellow, embroidered dictionary clutch. Even better is the polka dot and rose detailing she paired it with. Grandma never looked so glam.