Rena’s Romance Primer: Romance Archetypes (Part 1)

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Rena’s Romance Primer: Romance Archetypes (Part 1)

Archetypal Romantic Images

Using the images that are in today’s culture to enhance your own self image is not a bad thing. It takes less time to put things together if you know what you are striving for. But it can get you stuck into an image you do not actually like or that is harmful to your self image. Look through the Romance Image Archetypes and see which ones pique your interest.

The Princess image is one that gives an immediate impression that you are used to servants and being spoiled and pampered. I have noticed that the Princess becomes the little girl of anyone she goes with. She usually overdresses for any occasion and will expect respect from everyone she meets. This image tends to be not only up-to-date with her wardrobe; she is a trendsetter, though not just with her wardrobe.

Money seems to be an important factor with this image, though, if you wanted to look at it in these terms, you could be the Cinderella style of Princess—self sufficient, but waiting for that Prince Charming to put the crown on. Be careful for the high horse when he shows up, though. Most Princesses I know like the Prince to be around, but she already has her own court, whether in a boardroom or a dining room.

The Princess can tend to be the most temperamental of all of the images, but I have found that this does not have to be so. The grace and forgiveness of royalty follows the Princess. Do not overdo on the potential for class distinction or this image can become more of a debutante than a Princess.

Country Maid
This image has a self confident, if naive, air about her. She likes simple things and can take care of herself in most situations. The Country Maid is also one of the better cooks of simpler, not plainer, meals. She likes the simple lines of princess line dresses and dirndl skirts to wear everywhere and prefers natural fabrics. The “hippie” style seems to be mixed up in this, too, but make sure you know which is which. You can find the Country Maid image in large cities as well as in the country.

The Country Maid seems to be someone who does not mind getting her hands dirty with what needs to be done and follows what she starts to maturity. This could be the obvious gardening enthusiast, but it could also be an executive who knows how to grow her company, or a construction worker who can pull her own weight on the site.

I have found that the more ample of us go for this image because it is very easy to attain and you do not have to wear “fashionable” clothes. Do not be trapped by this. Try the other images also. If you do choose this image, be aware that the urbanites out there will start wandering through local vacant lots, without realizing it, looking for herbs and things. 

Safari (Explorer)
This is a two-part image. There is the explorer in the veldt like in the old movies or like the female lead in Crocodile Dundee. Then there is the Baywatch type who will wear bikinis under any clothes, just in case. Both are slightly exotic and curious about things around them, and over the next hill. When this woman comes into a room, the people who see her should get the impression that she just came from a long journey, but still has the energy enough to hold a dinner party.

The Safari Woman is someone who always seems to find the most interesting things, even in ordinary circumstances. Postcards from places she has been, or wants to go to, come at odd times to remind you of her. If you are the Safari Woman, you may be inclined to go off by yourself on adventures, or perhaps lead a group into the bush.

You may find that if you choose this image, you might start on personal journeys and forget about others for a while. Do not isolate yourself from other people; include them in your journey.

This is a slightly rowdy woman who takes charge of every situation. She likes her wine and beer and does not mind that others know. She likes to have her way and will persuade people until they do it her way. The Pirate always gives the impression of being slightly dangerous, but with her power, she does not lack for companions. 

The Pirate is also a woman who is adventuresome with how she decorates her body, not just with clothing, but with tattoos, piercings, and the like. She is not adverse to experimenting with nose rings, a little body art, or henna to express herself. She is not the only one who will do this, but she is the most outgoing about it.

There are several Pirate-imaged women I know who vary greatly in how they use it. One is a business woman who does not let anyone get the better of her; another is a rugged woman who likes to hike and canoe and such. The latter prefers the Pirate to the Safari image because she is how I described the Pirate—rowdy and she likes her beer. Some people might think that the Safari image and the Pirate image are the same, but they are not. The differences will become more obvious as you read through this book. Think Gina Davis in Cutthroat Island.

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