Rena’s Romance Primer: Romance Archetypes (Part 2)

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Rena’s Romance Primer: Romance Archetypes (Part 2)

Continuing on the archetypes started in the first part of the article, different images that you could consider for your own Romantic image …

The Gypsy is flamboyant with her clothing and herself. She is used to traveling. She seems to be a bit wild in her approach to things, but with her, it works. I find that the Gypsy is one of the strongest images for today’s romance-minded woman. She is also one who will do most anything when it comes to conservation of this Earth’s resources.

The Gypsy can be called exotic, but it is more on the inside than on the outside. This can be the image for you if you are into the supernatural and wish to explore into it further. The occult can become the spice in this image.

The Gypsy is known for traveling, but she always needs a home base, too. If you were to go into her home, you may find mementos from her travels and different places she has lived, but you will also find a place that is good for relaxing and centering her before she goes off to her next adventure.

Greek Goddess (or Just Goddess)
Divine is the best word to describe anyone who fits this image. This takes a bit more work, and money, than the others. The woman who is the Goddess will wear clothes that are classic, in more ways than one, and will always be gracious to everyone. She has more than a royal air about her. The Goddess knows what is going to happen because she wants it to happen. She is sought after by men and women for her guidance and companionship.

There are many Goddesses out there in mythology. From the Greek Goddesses swathed in yards of linen to the Norse Goddesses that fought alongside the Gods—you have a Goddess in you that has a known image already. If you have a Goddess that you already have an affinity for, research her to see what you can use for your image.

The Goddess is of mellow tendencies and seems to be able to deal with any circumstance. This can take lots of preparation, but is worth the extra effort. Then again, if you piss off a Goddess, look out for the lightning bolts.

The creative woman who is the Artist is slightly unconventional and has a project going at all times. She is slightly preoccupied with her work, but always has time for her friends. She likes trying new things and is not against wearing denim to a classy restaurant.

The Artist might not actually paint, draw, or the like, but she can bring a flair with her wherever she goes. If she places a pillow somewhere, it looks as if it was placed for a photo shoot. If she wears flowers in her hair, it is more of a performance piece than a decoration.

When an Artist comes into a room, she may give the impression that she is stopping by right before a gallery opening, or perhaps on her way back from a supply store with her next project. You may find that one interest may spawn too many things to complete if you embrace the Artist image.

Sub-images could be considered modifiers. You could combine the regular images to create the image that is uniquely yours, but there are other flavors of images that I wanted to make sure people considered. The sub-images are useful for a general feeling for the direction you may want your image to go, or to stay away from.

Victorian: I do not consider this an actual image by itself. In combination with any of the others it works well, but to my eye, if someone tries to be totally Victorian, it looks more like they are trying to recreate an era, not make their own. If you do like Victoriana, use it. Certain parts of that time will work for any of the images. Think Victorian Safari, or a Victorian Country Maid.

Gothic: Again, this is an image that has come to the surface of many cities throughout the country that I do not consider a romantic image by itself, mostly because I know many “Goths” who are also other images, but the “Goth” is what people see first. The dark look is a striking style unto itself. If you are such a person already, you can still use the hints and techniques in this book. If you are interested in this style, I suggest reading the original players manual from the role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade for a general feeling.

Goths have been featured on many talk shows such as Rikki Lake in programs designed to make fun of them. Many people do not see past an image—Goth, Pirate, Goddess, or any of them. Make sure that you are prepared to deal with the looks and comments you may get at selecting an image that incorporates the Goth.

Nature Girl or Hippie: Again, this is considered by some to be an image by itself, but to my reasoning, it can be overly powerful by itself. Mixed in with other images, it can lighten the Princess or give the Artist more depth. The Country Maid and the Gypsy can both have strong ties to this one already, but do not have to.

By Hippie, I mean a style that incorporates a naturalistic sense of self and a very easygoing and accepting way of dealing with others. A use of natural fabrics and slightly older fashions can be incorporated into the Hippie sub-image. You may want to look into vegetarianism, if you aren’t already vegetarian, to go along with the Hippie sub-image.

Medieval: Using this sub-image can bring a different light to any of the regular images. Using the courteous ways of the Lords and Ladies of the Middle Ages, as well as the styles available to them, can enhance and redefine the image you have chosen for yourself. Because there were Artists, Gypsies and even, perchance, Princesses, the medieval sub-style will work well.

All these images are a bit of role-playing, not just the Goth, but to enhance yourself, not to be someone else. If you catch yourself talking to your image in the mirror, don’t stop; it can help in how you present yourself to the world.

I would like to note that these are images that I have seen and developed over several years. There are some images that I did not put in that have been offered to me by people I have talked to while creating this book. Some were derivative of what was already in here, one or two dangerous, and some were just inappropriate. There are some images that are in common use, usually not by choice, that are harmful to the person in that role, and I did not want to promote that. If you think that there are other images that may be more comfortable for you, go for it.

Think about the images and sub-images that have been described here. Are any of them screaming out to you? Do you match one or two already? Is there one you want to strive for? Think about what image caught your attention the most. Keep it in mind as you go through the rest of this.

Now that you have chosen an image, do you know how to use it? Probably not, so keep reading!

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