Salon Owner and Her Female Staff Seek Your Advice on Hiring a Male to Work as a Female

by Dawny Dame

Salon Owner and Her Female Staff Seek Your Advice on Hiring a Male to Work as a Female

Dear Ladies,


My name is Susan and I am a former female executive that just purchased a salon and spa in Waterbury, Connecticut.


Just recently a man came in to ask if he could work there as a female.


I said you don’t look like one, but with some help, we can change that.


He replied, yes do so and I want you to force feminize me to your standards and I will agree to any previous terms and conditions, well, needlessly to say, he agreed and I am dominant anyway, I will oblige and will not relent, but I am seeking advice from all females on this site as I am making a list of what would be necessary to totally and completely feminize her from head to toe, not just including the beauty treatments but figure development, mind training, etc.


If you have any suggestions at all and can see my point that I must, now that I’ve committed to this, not relent as this gentleman asked for it and SHE will get what SHE asked for and then some.


What do you feel should be the most extreme makeover for this new FEMALE employee, who I do want to hire but my standards are high and I am going to go with my vote, my staffs vote and all of your votes to compile a list of everything SHE would be demanded to go through in writing or SHE will not be hired.


Do you think I should just do it without it being in writing or not?


Your thoughts, recommendations and advice is greatly appreciated.


We are also having an in person Ladies Only Luncheon to introduce our spa and “Pamela,” which is what we not consider HER and the ladies attending will also vote and make suggestions. Should SHE be given options or no options or should I make all the suggestions that we agree upon by majority rule a condition of her being hired?


Thank you all very much for your time, if you are ever in the area, please stop in for one or more of our services. We also rent the spa out for Ladies Only parties, theme parties with food are available and you may raise a little hell on your Girl Getaways, after all, what happens in Connecticut, stays in Connecticut.


We service crossdressers, TV’S and TS’s by appointment only, Pamela will be special as SHE WILL BE FEMALE after this is over and everything is accomplished over time.


We are also gay and lesbian friendly and we do not discriminate because of creed, race, sex, religion, or political affiliation.


Hope to hear from you and someday meeting you.