Searching for the Perfect Conflict-Free Diamond?

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Searching for the Perfect Conflict-Free Diamond?

Did you know your wedding ring can represent your commitment to the planet as well as to your better half? A top wedding trend for 2009 is the green wedding, making ethical bridal jewelry the newest frontier of green style. More than ever, stylish options are being offered with a sustainable solution. If you are shopping for fine jewelry that is eco-friendly and ethically sourced, look for Canadian and Namibian diamonds, ethically sourced sapphires and recycled gold and platinum such as those from Brilliant Earth.

By considering Canadian and Namibian diamonds of conflict-free origin, you can ensure that your gem has been carefully tracked from mine to market. You can have the peace of mind knowing that your gem comes from a fair labor mine, and is cut and polished with socially and environmentally responsible practices. Additionally, 100 percent recycled eco-friendly gold and platinum protect the environment by eliminating the need for additional destructive gold mining.

Doesn’t knowing that your ring is responsibly made make you love what it stands for even more? If you are searching for that perfect ring for the once-in-a-lifetime moment this Valentine’s Day, consider these suggestions from the jewelry experts at Brilliant Earth:

1. Start with Her Style
Antique, modern, classic, glamorous or even nature inspired … select from a wide variety of styles to match her personal taste. Once you have an idea of the style of ring your lady will love, you can begin to personalize the setting just for her.  

2. Select the Perfect Center Gem
Once you have chosen the ideal setting, it’s time to select your center gem! Round brilliant cuts maximize sparkle and brilliance, but rings set with a non-traditional center can add an exciting twist to classic styles. Cushions, radiants, and asschers are fresh alternatives to the more classic round brilliant or princess cut diamond shapes. Many women are also selecting blue sapphires, as well as rubies and emeralds to be their center gem showstoppers! Anything goes for the new eco-chic set!

3. Personalize the Setting
Jazz up the classics! Women want their engagement and wedding rings to be designed specifically to fit their lifestyle and personality—the ideal ring is unique and personalized, just like your sweetheart! Popular customizations include personalized engravings, added splashes of color with bright side stones or surprise stones, and the addition of attractive textural touches known as filigree and milgrain.

Photo courtesy of Brilliant Earth