The September Issues: Where’d the Fall Fashion Go?

by admin

September is an exciting month in the world of fashion. It’s when the breezy silhouettes of spring and summer make way for the rich textures, dramatic colors, and cozy layers of fall. Here at DivineCaroline HQ, we can’t wait for the fashion magazines to wow us with bold, fashion-forward cover shots that whet our appetites for what’s next in style. But this year’s crop of seasonally ambiguous, celeb-centric September covers lack the editorial edge that we’ve come to expect. With nary a coat or chunky sweater in sight, we’re left to wonder, is the September issue suffering from a fear of fall fashion?

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Marie Claire



The words “New Fall Fashion” might be splashed across her hip, but Sarah Jessica Parker’s flirty ensemble reads more like “Valentine’s Day in April.”





Quick, get the champagne! Start the countdown! Happy New Ye … wait, it’s not New Year’s yet? Beyonce’s dress told me it was.


Harper’s Bazaar



Harper’s makes a bold fashion statement here by not really showing the clothes at all and instead relying on the trendsetting power of Lea Michele’s bare back.





Okay, so this cover is season appropriate; Kate looks stunning and the dress conjures a dreamy autumnal romance, but still, it’s Vogue! They’ve got 758 pages of fall fashion packed in there! Show us the non-renaissance-themed goods!





Cosmo, we don’t expect all that much from you when it comes to fashion. Who can focus on clothes when the headline “What Your Va-Jay-Jay Is Dying to Tell You” is taunting us from the corner of the page? But that doesn’t mean you have to throw up the white (halter dress) flag in complete surrender.





A sweater! At last, a sweater! It is fall after all! Not quite sure what the fashion statement is here other than “boobs are in,” but we’ll let it slide.





Her pants say fall, but her top says “Brrr, I wish I had funky fall coat to layer on top.”





The shorts look a little chilly for fall, but we’re imagining some extravagant, insulated feather-covered booties on Gwen’s feet to compensate. We’re just happy the girl’s got sleeves.