Serious Girl Talk: Find One That Fits, Girlfriend!

by admin

Serious Girl Talk: Find One That Fits, Girlfriend!

All right ladies, it’s time for some serious girl talk (sorry guys!). I went to San Francisco over the weekend for a shopping spree. While I was out trying various fashions in the world, I stopped by Victoria’s Secret (two of them to be exact). I tried on a variety of bras and found nothing I liked. So sad! I was really pumped up about their new bra that you can wear 100 different ways. Have you heard about this? It has a clear strap between the cups so you can wear it with really low cut tops and there are 44 slits all around the edges of the cups and the back strap so you can hook the straps any way you want to. It’s a really cool concept!

I was greeted by a salesperson who immediately asked me if I knew what size I was. I told her my size and she gave me a questioning look and told me that I needed to be fitted. WTH?! I was like, “Fine, whatever lady,” but I *know* my size! I removed my jacket and she proceeded to measure me and declared the same size I told her prior to her intrusion on my body. I gave her a knowing look. She grabbed a bra and basically threw it at me and went on to assault the next woman who walked in her path. It was all very strange.

I made my way to the dressing room where I was (not) greeted by two VS employees who where having a serious bitch fest about some other girl. I don’t know if that other girl worked with them or not, but whatever Vickie did had these girls’ panties in a wad, let me tell you. Quite frankly, I thought it was rude and inappropriate. It’s stressful enough trying on bras without listening to two employees on a rampage! But, I’ve digressed.

In the dressing room, I found that none of the bras fit me properly. Why, you may ask? Well, I forgot to tell you that I’m (ahem!) between cup sizes. I don’t know if any of you have this issue, but it’s definitely a problem. Or, perhaps you don’t even know it’s a problem! Oh man, you better run to your local VS and get fitted right away.

Unfortunately for me, my bra size fluctuates about a cup size depending on my activity level. How sad is that?! I’m not always between cup sizes, but I am for now. I figure, I either need to start running more or eating more so I can either shrink a bit or grow a bit. I just haven’t figured out which way I want to go yet. In the meantime, I rely on Playtex—they have bras that are “nearly” the next cup size. Isn’t that exciting? Actually, if you’re like me, it’s great news! I have to say that I’m quite astonished that VS doesn’t carry half cup sizes. They’re like goddesses when it comes to bra design, so I’m failing to see how they missed this part of the market. I think I need to call Victoria and have a chat with her.

Until then, I’ll continue buying Playtex. Woe is me!

The bottom line is that you want to find a bra or bras that fit you properly. You can’t have your chest bulging out of the cups and you can’t have the cups gaping away from your chest. You also need to ensure that the straps aren’t falling or creating permanent dents in your shoulders. Furthermore, the strap that goes around your body should do so in a nice straight line. If the back of your bra rides up your back, then your bra doesn’t fit properly. If your bra is guilty of doing any of the things I mentioned, you definitely need to be fitted! If you don’t take care of your “girls,” they certainly won’t take care of you!