Sexy Versus Beautiful: Is There a Difference?

by Jeremiah Hodge

Sexy Versus Beautiful: Is There a Difference?

I work as an inside sales specialist for a digital imaging firm. A sales office can generate some very interesting topics for discussion. It is the nature of the beast. In sales you must start your day off positive and the best way to do that is early morning fun chit chat.


In my office we always start our day with some little anecdote or topic. Today the discussion was: sexy versus beautiful, what, if any, is the difference: There is a big, big difference! And I think there is one woman who illustrates the difference, perfectly. Her name is Eva Mendez.


I recently saw her in the movie Ghost Rider. I consider myself a pretty good judge of beauty. At least that is what I am told. I would not consider Eva the most beautiful woman I have seen; however, I would certainly consider her one of the sexiest.


She has a body that would rival any woman I have ever seen. She has a face that radiates sex appeal. I would not include her among my top ten most beautiful, but she would certainly be in my top ten most sexy and perhaps in the top three.


In contrast let’s take Princess Diana. I always felt she was a very beautiful woman. She possessed real nice features; but I never considered her very sexy. Pretty yes! Sexy no!


The same could be said for Natalie Portman. She is, in my opinion one of the prettiest women on the planet. All my friends know that she is in my top ten. However, I do not consider her very sexy. Just very beautiful. I hope I am making sense. Are there women who are both beautiful and extremely sexy? Yes!


The first that comes to my mind is the stunning German actress Ursula Andrews. She is well known for her part in the James Bond movie Dr. No. Ursula was simply stunning and possessed more raw sex appeal than any woman I have ever seen and I have seen many. I think Sean Connery would certainly agree. She was both pretty and sexy.


Ashley Judd is another woman who is both incredibly sexy and very pretty. She has a high degree of sex appeal; but she is also a very beautiful woman. A young Whitney Houston would also fit into this category.


For the sake of my office staff, I would appreciate any feedback on this topic. Do you agree with me on this very interesting subject?