Shaved Eyebrows: WTF?

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Shaved Eyebrows: WTF?

I’m not sure what makes me more upset: the fact that walking around like you got into a fight with a pair of clippers is now considered en vogue, or that, thanks to my “friends,” I’m no longer blissfully unaware of this foolishness. 

Both Baleciaga and Prada sent models down the runway sans eyebrows in their Fall 2009 shows. Any reasonable person would assume this was the work of master makeup artists, designed to draw more attention to the clothes (or some strange homage to Whoopie Goldberg). Yet fashion insiders later confirmed that the eyebrows were removed intentionally.    

Do eye shadow and mascara no longer suffice as ways to achieve a bold look? Has the recession forced makeup brands to halt the production of eyebrow pencils? Is the modeling industry trying to make “alien-chic” happen? Stubborn as they may be to maintain, eyebrows are an essential aspect of looking … well, normal. Shaving your eyebrows is a call for attention more desperate than a preteen at a Miley concert. It doesn’t make you look fashionable and interesting—it makes you look less attractive and possibly ill. 

There are many things I’m willing to do in the name of fashion—like wear a pair of platforms that might send me tumbling down a flight of stairs, or put on a banded dress that will restrict my breathing for an entire night. But relinquish my eyebrows? WTF?     

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons 

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