Shoe Heaven

by admin

Shoe Heaven

Shortly before I began this story to you, I sat fixated in front of my computer; gazing at my most current email from the online store, Net-A-Porter. There on my screen was the most exquisite pair of Christian Louboutin booties that I had ever seen. As I sat in my trance-like state, my heart began to race and my mouth went dry. Was I having an outer-body experience, or had I died and gone to shoe heaven? Whatever the case, the shiny kidskin leather was calling my name.

Like most women with a shoe fetish, one incredible pair can send my mind racing into creating a mental wardrobe based around my newfound love. Such is the case when I was merely seventeen years of age. One afternoon, a trio of girlfriends and I found ourselves wandering through the shops in Westwood, California, when I met a pair of Mark Alpert riding boots. What does one say when they meet their true love and the only thing that is keeping them apart is that dreaded price tag? At the time, I was an unemployed high school senior who depended on the mercy of her parents to finance her insatiable appetite for clothing … and shoes. So there I stood, salivating over my newfound love with all but approximately $25 and some change in my wallet. Sadly, I put the boot down and turned to walk away. My soul longed to have the chocolate, buttery soft equestrians. I refused to give up!

That evening, while my father prepared himself for work, I made the brave approach that every broke daughter has had to make in some point in her life … I asked my Dad to finance the boots. As usual, his first statement was, “How much?” When I told him the price, for some reason, I ducked in fear that he would throw something in my direction. “Please, I’ll work extra hard around the house, and …” Then he said something that nearly floored me: “Write me an essay explaining why you want the boots.” “That’s it?” I thought to myself. This was a shoe-in (no pun intended). To make a long story short, that evening, I wrote a very persuasive essay convincing my Dad why I wanted the boots so desperately. In the story, I told him that I would cherish them for the rest of my life. I pinned the essay on the corkboard in the kitchen, and when I returned home from school the next day, the essay was marked with a giant A+ with the money I needed to bring my new lover home.

Fast forward twenty-five years and I still cherish my beautiful Marc Alpert boots. Every fall and winter, I bring them out of hibernation to help in completing a numerous of looks that have been perfectly selected to compliment them. How amazing I feel when I wear my heavy cable-knit sweater along with my skinny jeans tucked into my equestrians. I feel so Ralph Lauren! Make no qualms about it—in my opinion, a jaw-dropping pair of shoes is better than … (you fill in the blank). There’s just something inspiring about them. You know you’ve got a great shoe when you can pair them with many pieces in your closet. Ballet flats, booties, boots, pumps, sling-backs, stilettos, sandals—whatever your pleasure, put on a shoe that is chic and your entire ensemble will come alive. You’ll represent quintessential style personified!