Shoes That Make an Outfit

by admin

Shoes That Make an Outfit

If my fashion choices were limited to one item, I would always, without the smallest doubt, choose shoes. While you can wear a shirt in a million different ways, jeans over and over, shoes define your outfit. I think of it as, "Shoes name my outfit." 


With these yellow shorts, I could wear flip flops and make it an all-summer look. Boat shoes would make it nautical. Ballet flats to elevate it. Heels to make it sexy. Or the booties I chose to create a monochromatic yellow look. (Going monochromatic can be tricky though. Had I chosen a yellow top to go along, I would have killed it and essentially looked like a chicken.) I’ve had these booties for a few years, and quite frankly, I have only worn them a handful of times. However, when I wear them, I get urban/Boho vibe that adds a little relaxation and personalization to an otherwise classic outfit. The block heel makes them easy to walk in, so they're ideal for wearing for a stroll and dinner on a Friday evening.

1. Valentino Rockstud Pumps 2. Aldo Graziana Wedge Sneakers 3. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 4. Steve Madden Prizzze Booties 5. Zara Stiletto Sandal 

These are my top five shoe styles. If I only owned five pairs of shoes, these would be it. Give or take a pair of sandals. However, these would be my going-out shoes because I can use them for every occasion. Sneakers for urban nights on the town with a little edge from a leather jacket. Converse with boyfriend jeans and a V-neck. Heels for a dress or skinnies. And booties for the rest. 

What are your must-have shoe styles? Love to hear your thoughts below!

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