Shopping for Men Is So Frustrating!

by admin

Shopping for Men Is So Frustrating!

Despite my inherent love for shopping and my considerable amount of experience from it, there is certainly nothing more difficult about shopping than buying a gift for a guy. Be it for my brother, my friends, or even my boyfriend, I certainly have no idea what would be the ideal gift for them. I mean, I know what would make a girl happy … all we want is more clothes, jewelry, shoes, and bags. However, I doubt my brother would even notice if I gave him the same shirt in a different color for his Christmas or his birthday.

What do guys want? Clothes? Gadgets? Bling? My brother-in-law confessed that the only way he gets new clothes was when somebody would give him clothes for his birthday or Christmas. But I’m not sure about shopping for clothes. I tend to choose the clothes that I would wear if I were a guy. Not a good sign unless I want to turn my boyfriend into a completely different person. What can I give that would be both functional and meaningful at the same time without appearing too tacky?!

Very frustrating indeed!