Should You Wear Stockings to Work?

by Treacle

Should You Wear Stockings to Work?

Now that the weather’s changing and autumn is finally upon us, many women will consider wearing tights, pantyhose, and other kinds of hosiery to the office. However, there are three important things to keep in mind when deciding what kind of hosiery, if any, you’ll choose to wear to the workplace.


1. Culture: Is your office liberal or conservative? Casual or formal? Primarily male or primarily female? It’s a good idea to have a sense of what’s not only appropriate but also desirable attire in your work environment. In my region of the country, for example, very few people dress up for the job, so I stand out when I wear tights to the office. While I don’t intend to stop wearing my hosiery, I do make sure to keep it “toned down.” Think micronets, sheer hold-ups, and opaque tights not eye-catching patterns, bright colors, or seductive backseams.


2. Comfort: Keep in mind that, in most cases, whatever you wear to the office will be worn all day. If you don’t think you can wear stockings for eight hours, it may be a good idea to try something smaller, like trouser socks. In my opinion, the office is not the place for a lot of experimentation. If you’re not sure if a certain pair of tights is comfortable enough for a full workday, leave them at home and try them on over the weekend. My favorite wear-to-work brand is Wolford because I always forget I have them on. Remember: if your stockings are uncomfortable after five minutes, they won’t feel any better after five hours.


3. Style: Back home, it’s pretty typical for women to wear pantyhose to work. Unfortunately, it’s also typical for them to wear the ugliest nylons I have ever laid eyes on. Work-appropriate does not mean unattractive. You can be trendy and classy at the same time. I find that when it comes to patterned hosiery (think lace or fishnets), high-end brands like Falke and Wolford strike the right balance between fun and serious. For more basic nylons, like sheer or opaque tights, I prefer budget brands like Pretty Polly, Charnos, Aristoc, Jonathan Aston, Levante, and We Love Colors. You can visit Figleaves, My Tights, or We Love Colors to find most of these.


I hope this article helps if you’re debating whether or not to wear stockings to work!