Simply Vera by Vera Wang vs Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker

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Simply Vera by Vera Wang vs Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker

Thanks to the power of DVR, I was able to compare the response of Oprah (and her audience) to the Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten line at Steve and Barry’s to their response to the Vera Wang line at Kohls. I wish I could’ve invited you all over so we could’ve watched it together.

What a big difference.

While O, who is my BFF (at least in my head), and her audience were less than enthusiastic about the SJP Bitten line, they were practically gushing about the Vera Wang line. They stood, they cheered, they screamed. At one point, I thought Oprah was going to do cartwheels down the walk way in a silk Simply Vera coat while singing “Let it Be” (the amazing Julie Taymor was on the show promoting her Beatles-inspired musical, Across the Universe).

Overall, there are definitely some pieces I like from the Simply Vera line; for example, there is a black rayon/wool blend coat with the puffy sleeves and the before mentioned silk coat. I also liked the fact that the models were styled from head to toe in the line, versus the pieces paired with a $700 pair of Christian Louboutin pumps.

Then there’s some things that I could totally do without (like the purple jewel encrusted empire dress). I also would have liked to see her go up to XXL in sizing to fit a wider range of Kohls shoppers (crazy props to the Bitten folks on sizing). There’s too much black, which is fine by me because I live in the land of black, but not so glorious for my peeps in MN. However, that’s Vera’s thang (look at her Spring 2008 show) and, initially, the prices were way to high—I’m not paying $130 bucks for a pair of boots at Kohls. (Bitten, again, has the price thing down; however, the quality is terrible.)

However, like the Oprah audience, I feel the Simply Vera line is just simply better than Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten line.

Now, before you jump on me confessing your undying devotion to Sex and the City and how Sarah Jessica Parker is such a great person because she made a budget line. Let me make a few things clear—I understand that Bitten is targeted to a different age group (teen girls) and a different price range (under $20). But … Simply Vera takes a page straight out of the Target playbook and is made by a real designer, not by a celebrity who is capitalizing off of her fame with a brilliant business move. The fabric is better; the cuts are better, and the styling is better.

And Oprah agrees with me.

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