Sink Your Teeth into These Hoodies

by admin

Here’s a Grommet you can really sink your teeth into. Mouth Man hoodies reveal animal faces when kids (and grownups) strike just the right pose.

The creator is Ross Valory, founding member and bass player for the band Journey. On a break from touring one day, Ross saw his friends’ kids playing shark, making chomping noises as they hugged their shoulders and flapped their elbows up and down, like the jaws of a man-eater. Twenty years later, he had a flashback to that moment and thought how cool it would be if there were shirts that showed a face and a mouth when you put your arms together that way.

Ross enlisted fellow Journey member and graphic artist Prairie Prince, and the duo created these hoodies with illustrations of chomping critters. Their shark hoodie (available in kid and adult sizes) features realistic airbrushed jaws and teeth and when you fold your arms across your chest, the image changes to reveal an open-mouthed shark. We’re also offering Mouth Man’s gecko hoodie (just for kids). Folded arms make the open-mouthed gecko, and the back of the hoodie shows the gecko from behind, with a sunset background.

Mouth Man’s animated hoodies were a huge hit at Casey Leathers’ high school. Casey and a bunch of her friends decided they were the perfect accessories for senior activities, and she wrote to tell us about the fun. Don’t Stop Believin’ these hoodies are awesome. We’re forever smitten, faithfully …

You can purchase the Mouth Man hoodies here at Daily Grommet.

Originally published on Daily Grommet