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So Right, So Right!

Oh, Caroline, not only divine but you read my mind and hit the nail right on the head. I’ve always sincerely admired Tim Gunn, both as a trusted mentor to those contestants, and as a man of integrity and intelligence, not to mention a clearly excellent educator. Through work I’ve also seen him speak in his capacity as part of the management board for Liz Claiborne. He’s a man whose manners, intelligence, commitment to being an excellent educator, and generosity and fairness have always caused me to have a crush on him—but when he spoke candidly, fairly, and plainly about Gretchen, I almost jumped off the couch. I didn’t think my admiration could have quadrupled, but it did. I’m a lifelong fan, and thank you for sharing a similar opinion with the world and letting us all know about his book. My own humble Web page, through which I’m trying to find a job, has links to him everywhere!

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