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Social Diva Stylewatch: Rainy Day Edition

When it rains, it pours. And when it pours, you need protection from the elements—because who wants to show up to an engagement looking like a drowned rat?! Um, no one ... that’s who! 

But when it comes to rain-gear, the phrase “fashion-forward” doesn’t really come to mind. Fear not! That’s all about to change. We scouted out some “fashionista-worthy” rainy-day-wear, so you can always look like a diva, no matter what the weather!

Nix your typical raincoat, and be a trendsetter even when it’s sprinkling in a Rain Cape from the Belgian label Pelican Avenue. The design mimics the popular mini-dress trend and features an adorable little hood to protect your ‘do. Plus, it’s water-repellent and super lightweight!

Though we fully endorse storing your Jimmy Choos in a slouchy bag and donning some Wellies while walking in the rain, butterfly and rainbow patterned galoshes are only “adorable” when worn by little Divas. That’s why we love these chocolate brown ones by Hunter. They’re functional, and more importantly, super cute!

Carrying an umbrella is smart. Carrying an umbrella that predicts when it’s going to rain? THAT’S Diva! Ambient Devices has devised an umbrella that wirelessly receives and reports weather data from

And speaking of umbrellas, Rihanna just expanded on the popularity of her number one hit by joining forces with Totes to create a line of rain-repelling apparati. We love this black number with the pink ruffles and for only sixteen dollars, now every diva can stand under Rihanna’s umbrella (-ella, -ella)!

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