Speaking in Monochrome: Gray

by admin

Speaking in Monochrome: Gray

Gray, gray, and more gray is here to stay this season. From bridesmaid dresses to the runway in Paris, everyone is sporting a singled hued look.

I certainly don’t need an excuse to indulge my love of one-color dressing but I was still thrilled to see monochromatic outfits amongst the fashion trends for fall ’09. This season, I thought I’d do a little series on my favorite head-to-toe hues. At the top of the list? Gray all the way!


As with any monochromatic outfit, the key is to layer different shades of gray to keep the eyes moving. Weathered jeans look soft yet sleek tucked into buttery leather boots. Toss in some pattern with a striped shirt and a leopard scarf—another of this season’s hottest must-haves! Finally, the classic City Tote from Foley and Corinna gets an update in smoky charcoal. Bye bye sunshine: bring on the gray skies!


Originally published on The City Sage.