Sporty Spice

by admin

Sporty Spice

There’s a sporty new trend making touchdowns this season. Apparently, designers have decided it’s time to do cardio in couture. There are a lot of sportswear inspirations in many of the spring collections—from track pants, to hoodies, to high-heeled sneakers. I must say this latest trend seems best accessorized with Gatorade!

Dries Van Noten takes the lead in the retail race. His collection consists of lightweight anoraks with drawstring detailing, in bright hues, such as neon chartreuse yellow. He also sent out parka dresses (basically knee-length parkas in sporty fabrics with hoods belted at the waist for shape).  All the items are paired with high-heeled Converse style sneakers, which makes for an incredibly edgy look that, let’s face it, won’t work for everyone.

I did a damn near double take when I saw the collection for Marni. Did I really just see striped track style leggings? Unfortunately, I wasn’t suffering from overexertion or dehydration, which, quite frankly,  would’ve been better. I adore Marni, which is always highly individualistic with varied prints and silhouettes. But I wonder what Consuelo Castiglioni was smoking when she decided to pair her graphic tops (which are fabulous) with track style pants. Most of us aren’t models and, even if we wanted to, we wouldn’t be able to pull it off. The end result is a look that says sloppy, not to mention sweaty. Save the track pants for your next pilates session. That goes for you, too, Connie C.

I’ve also been seeing a lot of sporty shorts, jersey tees, and visors. Designers clearly are inspired by those nasty Ironman races—go figure.  But don’t think that you can don these pieces with the same gusto you put into your spinning class. You have to be strategic. First, make sure that your anorak or parka is done with a more luxe fabric, like silk. You’re not supposed to look like you’re dressing for a hurricane.  

Most importantly, make sure that you pair your sporty pieces with something flirty and feminine, like a sheer, gauzy tunic over your shorts and high-heeled sneakers. As I always say, when integrating a flashy trend, it’s about contrast. Once you’re dressed, accessorize with a colorful visor and some Lucite bangles and you’ll be ready to take on even the most intimidating sports figure or fashionista. Game on, girls!