Stockings 101: Thigh High Tips

by admin

Stockings 101: Thigh High Tips

Just the other day, I had my last date with my boyfriend, and I wore one of my favorite pairs of thigh high stockings under my skirt, the Victoria’s Secret “Sexy Satin Kittens.”

Sadly, I had to remove my stocking a few hours into the night because they wouldn’t stay up. However, this “wardrobe malfunction” was no fault of the hosiery; I failed to prepare adequately. So, without further ado, here are my three tips for keeping your stockings high.

1. Wipe the silicone bands inside the welt with a damp cloth after wearing. Cleaning the bands removes sweat, body oils, skin flakes and other assorted detritus that keeps the silicon from adhering to flesh. Even if you regularly wash your stockings after every wear anyway, I’d still recommend paying a little extra attention to the welt.

2. Don’t wear body lotions, oils, or perfumes on your legs if you intend to wear thigh highs. The emollients in your moisturizing products keep the silicone from clinging to your skin. Since I have a custom of slathering on lotion immediately after getting out of the shower, I completely forgot about this last night and wound up paying the price later.

3. If you’ve already applied lotion, or if your stockings simply won’t stay up no matter what, you can try putting a very small amount of talcum powder between the welt and your legs. The powder not only dries your skin, but gives the welt a little something extra to cling to. This is only a short term fix, however, as eventually the powder will wear away, and then you may be left exactly where you started from.

I hope this helps the next time you decide to wear a pair of thigh highs!