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12 Jeans And Heels Outfits That Don’t Feel Overdone

by Jessica Banks

12 Jeans And Heels Outfits That Don’t Feel Overdone

Jeans and heels are classics both classic outfit staples in their own right, but when they’re put together it’s absolute magic.


The Best Times for Stripes is Always



10/10 would recommend this look. The heels look fierce AF on their own, but we can’t get over how amazing they look when they’re paired with the striped jeans.


Classy Lassy



You get the best of both worlds with this pairing—delicately patterned shoes and ripped, black jeans fit for a badass.


A Splash Of Red



These heels are straight up FIRE, and we can’t get over how much they standout against this blogger’s bright white jeans.


Summery And Casual



If you were looking for proof that pink heels can be worn casually, this is it. When they aren’t paired with a miniskirt, pink heels are actually pretty awesome for daytime wear.


Sweet and Suede



When in doubt, go with blue jeans. They’re versatile, and they totally let these suede shoes steal the spotlight.


The Classic Pumps



This look is proof that jeans and heels were made for each other. It’s also a great option for people who aren’t quite sold on shoes that are neon or patterned. You can never go wrong with black heels and blue jeans.


Pretty And Pink



Going for a walk in the park? On a date? Heading to work at your super cool startup? Nobody can tell with this outfit, but one thing’s for sure—we NEED these shoes.


Yellow, Black And Beautiful



We weren’t too sure about the whole neon heel trend, but we’re 100 percent on board after seeing this combination. Black really does go with everything, which is why these dark jeans and bright heels look so amazing together!


Class And Sass



This jeans and heels combination is the perfect way to channel class and sass. These white heels would look standard with most other outfits, but thanks to the ripped jeans, they’re more than just cute.


Floral And Fab



We’ve never loved florals more. Dressed up with some classy black jeans, this look is great for a Friday at the office when you’re looking to let a little of your fashonista flair shine through.


Bold And Blue



These ripped, cuffed cropped jeans look as comfy as they do cute, and we can’t stop staring at these bold and blue high heels. They’re great for nights on the town and days getting sh*t done.


Mind-Blowing Metallic



These metallic heels are making us feel some type of way, and we’re all for it. Something about the frayed black jeans just makes this look even more epic.