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I Channeled Kim Kardashian West And Dared To Wear Nude Leggings

by Sidney Burds

I Channeled Kim Kardashian West And Dared To Wear Nude Leggings

Because black and navy leggings are so fall.



Now, say what you will about Kim Kardashian West, but one thing I do know is Kim K knows how to make a statement with her clothes. Personally, I really dig her monochromatic athleisure style. It looks chic and cozy, and TBH, I’m a little jealous of how comfortable it all looks. But when Kim Kardashian started stepping out in nude leggings, everyone was a bit taken aback by the skin tone-mimicking, skin-tight look.



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This trend is nothing new for Kim, she’s been doing this for years and now it’s not just her. Other celebs like Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez have been spotted in this au naturel color legging. While every single woman you know rocks the snug-fitting, comfy, stretch pants that are leggings (you know you have five black pairs in your closet right now), the skin-imitating color is a much bolder option. I was curious then, is this just a celeb trend, or could I too wear nude leggings without being mistaken for running around pantless?






After doing some research, I discovered that lots of brands are coming out with nude leggings in various olive, pink, and other undertones for summer. And because my black leggings have been getting pretty toasty in the summer heat, maybe nude leggings aren’t that “out there” of a color for the warmer weather. I decided to take the plunge and see for myself.



I chose to go with Alo Yoga’s Airbrush High Waist Leggings in the hue Gravel Glossy. It’s the same pair that was spotted on Bella Hadid and I wanted to go with a higher quality brand that I knew would not be transparent the second I bend over. The leggings were thick but not bulky and the “Gravel Glossy” color was a nice gray/tan blend that ended up being a few shades darker than my light pink skin. Sizing was true as I slipped into the size mediums and I took a quick beat before looking in the mirror.


Damn. These were tight.


I knew that they were going to be (duh they’re leggings after all) but this pair felt like it was melted into my skin. The texture was super smooth and like the name, the airbrush look was holding true. My body felt tight, lifted, and smooth. The nude color was a pleasing grey/tan mix that up close probably wouldn’t be mistaken for my nude skin, but from a further distance could definitely give off the vibe that I was attempting to streak. I happened to be visiting my parents for the weekend with my boyfriend and I felt this was the perfect opportunity to begin my test run and get some brutally honest opinions.


My mother was actually quite supportive of the look. She said could see the leggings working great at the hot yoga class I planned on attending later in the week. She, however, did advise to not show my father, who she worried might mistake them as a like more revealing than they truly are. (He’s still getting used to the leggings-as-pants trend on the whole.) My boyfriend, as politely as possible, said he liked the way I looked in them, but didn’t think I should wear them in public.


And with those rocky votes of confidence in my head days later, I headed out the door to my hot yoga class.


As I came into class and rolled out my mat I glanced around to see if anyone noticed my out of place leggings among the sea of black ones. No one batted an eye, which made me feel better as we made our way through class. Honestly the only issue I had with the nude leggings throughout class was the sweat marks.


They, showed, everything.


I had noticeably dark marks on my upper thigh and hips bend, a.k.a. my “thighbrow,” my waistband  and my lower back. Lovely.



Aside from the sweat stains, the leggings performed well. I wasn’t constantly pulling them up, and they didn’t become see-through no matter how far I stretched. And though they did show sweat, it didn’t seem like anyone took notice as they were all sweating pretty heavily as well (though their black leggings weren’t showing it as far as I could see).



Overall, I would say the nude legging trend wasn’t that scary in practice. I felt comfortable and I liked the refreshing change it had from my typically dark workout wardrobe. I would probably skip hot yoga for a less sweaty yoga in the park, but other than that I can’t complain with this more risque color choice!



Dare to bare it all in nude leggings like me? Here are some of my other favorite nude legging options to take on this trend!