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10 Essentials for an Excellent Spring Break

We’re at that point of winter when the only thing getting us through is the thought of traveling somewhere warm and snow-less.
Whether that’s an official Spring Break or a girls’ getaway with your friends or a romantic mini vacay, there’s nothing like spending a little time in the sun in the dead of winter to lift your spirits.
If you’re anything like me, you have a trip booked and are already mentally making your packing list. (You may also be sipping an umbrella drink at this very moment.) Here’s what you need to pack to make it a memorable and fashionable. 

A Coverup

1 / 10

Ideally it'll make you feel cute, but it won't be so sexy or see-through that people mistake you for a watergoing prostitute. "Gauze tunic":, $44

Serious Sunscreen

2 / 10


Although aerosol sunscreen can leave a filmy residue, the easy application means you'll use it more often.

Versatile Sandals

3 / 10


Wear them during the day to the beach, or at night to a dinner on the beach.

A Carry-it-All Tote

4 / 10

Pick a tote in fabric so that when you return you can toss it right in the wash. This one's cute enough to triple as a beach tote, a carry-on, and a travel purse. "Fabric tote":, $49

An Everyday Dress

5 / 10


Wear it with flip-flops to do shopping or sight-seeing, and it can also be a coverup in a pinch. Throw on your favorite pair of wedged espadrilles for a night out on the town.

Summery Flats

6 / 10


If your trip involves walking, you'll need shoes more substantial than flip-flops. These espadrilles will protect your feet.

Luminizing Bronzer

7 / 10


Even if you don't wear it in your regular life, you'll feel inspired to be beachier once you feel that sun.

A Breezy Scarf

8 / 10


Wear it to tie back your hair or to keep the sun off your neck. (Or tie essentials like your wallet and keys into a bindle and use it as a makeshift wallet.)

A Cute Suit

9 / 10


During the summer you'll feel sweaty and bedraggled, but now is when you can rock a suit and feel great in it. Buy a new one for a mid-winter trip and choose a dark color or jewel tone to flatter pale skin.

Sweet Sunglasses

10 / 10


Picture yourself in a convertible with the top down, applying a come-hither lipstick. These are the glasses you're wearing, right?

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