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How To Wear Overalls Like a Damn Adult

Overalls aren't just for little kids anymore—they've made their way from the schoolyard to the city streets in the most stylish of ways. And with the help of our favorite fashion bloggers, we'll prove they're more versatile than you might think. To get inspired, check out these 8 ways to wear overalls.

Casual: Frayed Shorts

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Pop on a plain, sheer tee and rock some casual overall shorts like Alexandra Pereira from Lovely Pepa. Pro tip: Adding an expensive accessory ups the adult factor. Carry your favorite splurge purse or sunnies to stay away from looking like a kid.

Photo: Lovely Pepa

Casual: Distressed Denim

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We're totally stealing Swedish blogger-photographer Jacqueline Mikuta's effortless style. She pairs her slouchy dungarees with a ripped tee and white sneakers for a simple on-the-go look.

Photo: Instagram

Casual: Crop Top

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This breezy outfit is perfect for those hot summer days. Simply throw on your fave croppie underneath some overall shorts, like Ashley from Ash 'n' fashn did.

Photo: Ash 'n' fashn

Casual: Floral Top

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When the summer sun is out to play, a go-to pair of shortalls is just what you need. Take a style lesson from Andy of Style Scrapbook, and reach for your favorite patterned top.

Photo: Style Scrapbook

Casual: Sunnies + Sneaks

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Let Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules show you how to wear overalls. A plain white tee, sunglasses, and sneakers are all you need to complete this look. You could even rip up your 'alls at the hems and over the knees if you wanted more of a boho look.

Photo: Instagram

Flannel: Slouchy

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Another way to style overalls is to add a flannel. We're obsessed with Negin Mirsalehi's interpretation of overalls: crop top, slouchy flannel, cuffed legs, and boyish slip-ons.

Photo: Negin Mirsalehi

Flannel: Tucked In

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Courtney from Pretty Little Fawn tucks her flannel underneath her overalls for a more put-together look. Avoid looking like a farmer by sporting booties, heels, or chunky girlish accessories.

Photo: Pretty Little Fawn

Flannel: Around the Waist

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Caitlin from Dash of Darling shows us how to style overalls for a day of hiking or exploring. She ties her flannel around her waist and completes the look with a straw hat and lace-up boots.

Photo: Dash of Darling

Pops of Color: Chunky Shoes

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Try adding a pop of color to your 'alls like Keiko Lynn does. Pair your plain overalls with fun platform sandals or add a bright shirt underneath. Bonus points if your bag matches your shoes.

Photo: Keiko Lynn

Pops of Color: Crossbody Bag

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These playful overalls on Chiara of The Blonde Salad would pair well with anything—a sweater, crop top, swimsuit, or jacket. We love how she opted for a white crocheted top and periwinkle purse.

Photo: The Blonde Salad 

Pops of Color: Wedges

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Annabelle from The Viva Luxury adds some sass to her overalls with patterned wedges. Pairing platform shoes with overalls gives your look a total '70s vibe.

Photo: The Viva Luxury

White: All White Everything

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White-on-white is the freshest color combo around. Aimee of Song of Style killed it in this refreshingly laid-back look, perfect for lunch with the girls.

Photo: Song of Style

White: Stripes + Sandals

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Give off a laid-back vibe by wearing a slouchy striped shirt under your white overalls, like this look on Halley from The Salty Blonde. Slide on your Birks, tousle your hair, and you're ready to go.

Photo: The Salty Blonde

White: Beachy Keen

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Julie from Sincerely Jules makes white overalls look anything but boring. Especially if you're a beach bum, white 'alls will bring out your tan (plus, your overalls can double as a swimsuit coverup)! Simply throw on your espadrilles or sneakers, and you're ready for the beach!

Photo: Sincerely Jules

White: B + W

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Shortalls can be great for summer, but let's not ignore the full length ones. When dressed up, white overalls work perfectly for work or a brunch date. Try wearing a simple black turtleneck and heels like Ashley from Ash 'n' fashn.

Photo: Ash 'n' fashn

Layered: Cozy Fall

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Overalls aren't just for summer—when cooler months roll around, try layering your overalls for added warmth and style. We love how Ashley from Twenties Girl Style paired her dungarees with a cozy winter cap.

Photo: Twenties Girl Style

Layered: Cool Jacket

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It'll look like you're wearing regular jeans and a jacket, until... BAM! Overalls. Look for a colorful structured jacket and purse like Annabelle from The Viva Luxury (we think a leather jacket would look pretty badass).

Photo: The Viva Luxury

Layered: Classy

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Dress up your shortalls by layering them: start with a striped or solid longsleeve underneath, and then add a blazer and booties like Jessica from Tuula.

Photo: Tuula

Layered: Cardigan

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Lauren McBride shows us how to add simple flair to overalls—layer on a long, chunky cardigan with matching booties. Don't forget to cuff your hems!

Photo: Lauren McBride

Skirts: Minimal

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If you're new to the party bib trend, try looking for a skirt with an overalls-styled top to ease into it. This style worn by Laura Jade Stone is as simple as they come, but still looks just as cute.

Photo: Instagram

Skirts: Black Stripes

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We're obsessed with these black skirt overalls (skirt-alls?). Sheridan Gregory proves that even though it's summer, you can never go wrong with black.

Photo: Sheridan Gregory

Skirts: Cropped

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This pair of cropped skirt-alls shows off a different style of overalls that's just as trendy. Shannon from Upbeat Soles styles hers with an adorable bell-sleeved turtleneck and edgy booties.

Photo: Upbeat Soles

Fitted Glam: Heels

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Another stylish way to wear *adult* overalls is to glam them up. Ashley from Ring My Bell cuffs her fitted overalls and pairs them with sexy red heels. 

Photo: Ring My Bell

Fitted Glam: Army Green

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We're dying to get our hands on these green overalls with the cool zipper down the front. Aimee from Song of Style styled them perfectly with her red purse and white strappy heels.

Photo: Song of Style

Fitted Glam: Skinnies

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Who knew overalls could be form-fitting? Check out the skinny 'alls Un-Fancy's Caroline is wearing. They don't even need anything to compliment them, because they look so good on their own.

Photo: Un-Fancy

Fitted Glam: Denim on Denim

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Julie from Sincerely Jules wows us once again with her cool-girl patchy overalls. She sneaks in another element of denim with a subtle collared button-down. And we can't get over those sexy frayed pumps.

Photo: Sincerely Jules

Fitted Glam: Sheer Top

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Overalls are anything but childish on blogger Sivan Ayla. She shares an insider tip: wear a sheer bodysuit underneath. That way, it'll stay tucked in and you sport an extra element of sexy. Strap on your favorite heels and you're ready to hit the town.

Photo: Sivan Ayla

Fitted Glam: Accessorize

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Annabelle from The Viva Luxury proves that overalls can be girly by adding accessories. She packs on the glam with big earrings, a statement necklace, stacked bracelets, a watch, and a fun clutch.

Photo: The Viva Luxury

Off-The-Shoulder: Flowy

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Julie Sariñana shows off her pre-Coachella look: comfy overalls and a whimsical off-the-shoulder top. Strapless tops were seriously made for overalls.

Photo: Instagram

Off-The-Shoulder: Calvins

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Try layering your 'alls over your favorite sports bra or bralette, like Isabel did with her Calvins. Leaving one shoulder undone lets you show off what's underneath.

Photo: Instagram

Off-The-Shoulder: Girly

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Look for a girly, ruffled top like Ashley's from Twenties Girl Style. A nice pair of fitted overalls and a cute off-the-shoulder top makes for the perfect brunching outfit.

Photo: Twenties Girl Style

Off-The-Shoulder: Lace

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Take the opportunity to show off body jewelry and intricate lace tops with slouchy overalls. Unbutton one side, like For Love & Lemons did, and show off your pretty crop tops and bralettes.

Photo: For Love & Lemons

Off-The-Shoulder: Fitted

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Finally, go for a snug, fitted pair of shortalls and pair them with a tight off-the-shoulder top. We love how Natalie from Natalie Dressed styled her 'alls for a day out with the girls.

Photo: Natalie Dressed

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