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17 Products Every Scorpio Needs In Her Life Right Now

Everyone envies the tactical, analytical, and driven Scorpio, but they'll soon be even more jealous of all of this Scorpio swag you absolutely have to get your hands on.

Topshop's Embroidered Scorpion Shirt, $74

1 / 17


Every Scorpio lady needs this loud and proud shirt in her closet. If you're in need of a Zodiac sign statement piece, this might very well be it.

Photo: Topshop

Alex And Ani Scorpio Celestial Charm Bangle, $38

2 / 17


Who doesn't need another excuse to buy a brand a new bangle? Scorpios, check out this magically celestial bracelet courtesy of Alex and Ani. It's got us starry-eyed!

Photo: Alex And Ani

Alex And Ani Scorpio Charm Bangle, $28

3 / 17


If sporting your entire constellation doesn't seem super stellar to you, try this understated charm bangle from Alex and Ani. It comes in both silver and gold, and it'll go with every single outfit you own.

Photo: Alex and Ani

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick In 'Scorpio,' $18

4 / 17


Being one of the boldest Zodiac signs around, every woman should sport this purple-gray lipstick if she can get her hands on it. Jeffree Star happens to be a Scorpio as well, so you're in fabulous makeup company.


Urban Decay Moondust Eye Shadow In 'Scorpio,' $21

5 / 17


This black matte eye shadow comes complete with dual sparkles as dazzling as the fall night sky. If this eye makeup doesn't make you think of the constellations, we don't know what will.

Photo: Urban Decay Cosmetics

Scorpio Ring By EloraJewelry, $35

6 / 17


This custom ring from EloraJewelry's Etsy shop is the perfect piece of jewelry your Zodiac-obsessed self needs. You can choose from a variety of finishes, and every ring is specifically tailored to each customer.

Photo: EloraJewelry | Etsy

Scorpio Constellation Necklace, $13

7 / 17


As far as Zodiac necklaces go, this one from DearMia's Etsy shop is out of this world. This dainty Scorpio constellation pendant is a surefire conversation starter (because who really knows the constellations by heart, amirite?).

Photo: DearMia | Etsy

Black Scorpio Choker, $18

8 / 17


Because the '90s are just so in right now, why not rock your Zodiac sign's constellation on a choker? This velvet choker from DearMia may be trendy, but your star sign never goes out of style (even if the dates change).

Photo: DearMia | Etsy

Essential Oils Just For Scorpios, $15

9 / 17


Being the sharp, intelligent, and at times dramatic Zodiac scorpion you are, you could use some balance now and then. These essential oils from Etsy seller LifeForceEssentials are sure to grant serenity to any stressed out scorpion.

Photo: LifeForceEssentials | Etsy

Kate Spade Zodiac Pearl Scorpio Key Chain, $48

10 / 17


What better way to protect your precious keys than with this protective-but-cute scorpion keychain? Made out of real pearl, this is one chic accessory for the preppy Scorpio woman.

Photo: Kate Spade

Future State Zodiac Sign Tee In Scorpio, $39

11 / 17


While we don't completely understand why Scorpio's Zodiac sign looks like the letter 'M,' it still looks pretty dope on a plain white tee. You may have to explain what's on your shirt to non-star sign believers, but it's totally worth it.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Often Wander Astrological Candle In Scorpio, $18

12 / 17


This 100 percent soy wax candle is sure to relax all Scorpios everywhere. With hints of jasmine and amber, this water sign will melt for this irresistible scent.

Photo: Often Wander

Spongelle Zodiac Body Wash Infused Body Sponge For Water Signs, $16

13 / 17


The Zodiac water signs include Cancer, Pisces, and of course, Scorpio. Indulge your natural element's senses with this celestial body wash made especially for you.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

'Scorpio' Framed Fine Art Print, $157-$232

14 / 17


If you're a proud scorpion, but you don't necessarily want to flaunt your star sign everywhere you go, this sophisticated wall art speaks for itself. It's even reminiscent of water, your element!

Photo: Nordstrom

Kate Spade Scorpio Zodiac Metro Watch, $195

15 / 17


Scorpios absolutely LOVE being on time, being the punctual types they are. This super chic Kate Spade watch features a tiny scorpion to remind you of your sign and, of course, the time.

Photo: Kate Spade

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Throw Pillow, $29.99-$39.99

16 / 17


This super cute throw pillow is just what all you stylish Scorpios have been waiting for. Even if you absolutely cannot justify one more pillow on your couch, you're just going to have to make room for this one.

Photo: Target

Sterling Silver Scorpio Stud Earrings, $19

17 / 17


This simple and subtle silver studs are the perfect Zodiac sign accessory for all the Scorpios out there. KekoCollection will even include a personalized gift message if these earrings are for you or your favorite scorpion!

Photo: KekoCollection | Etsy

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