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The 6 Bras Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

The problem with bras is that every brand makes them a little different. Bobbie Smith, the lead bra fitting expert at, knows that there is no such things as a 'perfect' bra because different bras work with different clothing. She's shared her six essential bra styles that are sure to give your closet some support.


Sports Bra
Every woman needs a good sports bra. From jogging and yoga to just lounging around the house, sports bras are the most comfortable bra in your arsenal. But whatever you do, go for an encapsulated sports bra, not just one that you pull over your head. Smith says that unless you're doing low-impact workouts like yoga, compression bras aren't giving you any of the support your girls really need. Encapsulated sports bras often have defined cups, front zippers, or black clasps that give you full coverage and all-around support.

T-Shirt Bra
This should be the go-to bra for any regular tee. "It can be contoured and molded, but it should be smooth and seamless," Smith says. You want a bra that won't give you a boob-bubble when you wear it under a crew neck tee. So in this case, the more coverage the better. Smith thinks every woman really only needs one of these because of how versatile they are. Save your money for the fancier things.

Three-Part Cup Bra
No matter how much we love a good T-shirt bra, they aren't the best under tailored clothes, and that's where the three-part cup bra comes into play. This is what Smith would call "the most important bra," because it creates three-parts in each cup. "The seams direct the breast tissue forward and more centered," Smith says. "When the tissue sits outside the ribcage, it pulls button-up shirts open. The three-part cup bra makes us look smaller and gives us a polished look. Tailored outfits need a tailored bra."

Plunge or Push-Up Bra
When you want a little cleavage, you have two options: the push-up bra or the plunge bra. They're both great to wear under wrap dresses or anything with a V neck. "If you don't like push-up bras, just get something with a small bridge," Smith says. The bridge is the bit of fabric in between the cups. The smaller it is, the lower the shirt can be without your bra showing. Although push-ups and plunges are fun, Smith wants to remind ladies that they're not meant for everyday wear. "They don't work with anything else. Not crew necks or scoops."

Strapless Bra
Contrary to popular belief, strapless bras are made for everyone. "You just have to find the right fit," Smith says. Instead of making a quick and cheap purchase, you should actually invest in a good strapless bra. You never know when you'll find an amazing strapless dress and you always want to be prepared. When it comes to fit, Smith says it's all about the how taut the band is. "The band needs to be firm. It needs to feel like a hug and needs to be very low on your back," she says. "Measure underneath your bust, all the way around to get an estimate size." She recommends that you do this before shopping so that you leave the store with a bra that fits right.

Racerback Bra
The racerback bra is the most underrated bra in the game. Most women instead opt to buy convertible bras, which Smith also recommends. "But if you buy a racerback that's already together that way, you get less back fat," she says. "There's no pinching because it's been created to fit that way." Racerbacks are great bras to wear under summer dresses, tanks, and specialty tops because the straps can been hidden much easier.


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