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Fashion That Speaks: 20 Mouthy Pieces For When You Don't Feel Like Talking

Tell people how you really feel with these cheeky tops and audacious accessories. All the sass—except you won’t have to say a word.


Red Wine Tee

1 / 20


For all you wine lovers out there, here’s a shirt that’ll let everyone know just how much you appreciate a delicious red. We love the idea of pairing this three-quarter sleeve with a simple black skater skirt and choker. Swipe on your fave berry lipstick as a wine-stained-looking finishing touch.

To Buy: Nordstrom Rack, $27.20

Photo: Nordstrom Rack

Uh Huh Honey Hat

2 / 20


Rep Yeezy wherever you go with this coral baseball cap. Woke up late and didn’t have time to do your hair? No worries. Let this sassy hat do the talking. It’d also look cute with these fun pigtail hairstyles for adults.


To Buy: Rue 21, $6.99


Photo: Rue 21

Laters Bodysuit

3 / 20


Some days you just don’t feel like dealing with other humans—let this bodysuit speak for itself. Wear it under black jeans and a floppy hat, or up the sass level with a leather skirt and choker.


To Buy: Forever 21, 12.90


Photo: Forever 21

Vogue Tee

4 / 20


That’s a lot of issues. But hey, no judgement here. We’d totally rock this tee with a chunky statement necklace, jeans, and booties.


To Buy: 6th & 6th, $15


Photo: 6th & 6th

Boss Lady Earrings

5 / 20


Let everyone know who’s large and in charge with these chatty hoops. Wear them with a sleek ponytail or updo to give your ears the spotlight.


To Buy: Charming Charlie, $12


Photo: Charming Charlie

Nap Queen Pillow

6 / 20


This pillow speaks to us on a spiritual level, TBH. Anyone who walks into your living room or bedroom will know exactly what you’re all about (hitting snooze!).


To Buy: Target, $17.99


Photo: Target

Girls Support Girls Tee

7 / 20


We’re obsessing over this girl power outfit. Show your support for females everywhere with this adorable tee—pair it with your go-to jeans, and you’re Instagram-ready.


To Buy: Daisy Natives, $30


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Photo: Daisy Natives

Drop It Sports Bra

8 / 20


This sports bra has us wanting to drop some squats… and how often does that happen? Wear it to the gym and let the words (and your booty) do all the talking.


To Buy: Rue 21, $6.99


Photo: Rue 21

Resting Beach Face Hat

9 / 20


You’re lounging in the sun on the beach, and all you want is to enjoy your alone time. You won’t even have to say, “Don’t bother me, I’m tanning,” because the hat will do it for you.


To Buy: Nordstrom, $40


Photo: Nordstrom

Cosmic Socks

10 / 20


Let these socks peek out of your sneakers, and everyone around you will see that you’re on your own planet today. And for when you’re in a cheery mood, Yeah Bunny also makes socks that say, “you look great today.”


To Buy: Yeah Bunny, $14


Photo: Yeah Bunny

Lashes Pouch

11 / 20


We may not be perfect, but with the right tools, our makeup can be. Use this pouch to keep makeup in (your lash stash?) or as a pencil case on the go.


To Buy: Charming Charlie, $12


Photo: Charming Charlie

Queen Coffee Mug

12 / 20


Make sure your subjects know who’s boss with this royal coffee mug. Whatever you drink out of it (could be coffee, could be wine) will surely be fit for a queen.


To Buy: Bed Bath & Beyond, $7.99


Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond

Taco Pajamas

13 / 20


While we adore Victoria’s Secret’s silky PJs, these taco pajamas are something we can seriously get behind. Does wearing these up our chances of sweet—er, savory—dreams?


To Buy: Forever 21, $14.90


Photo: Forever 21

I Am Very Busy Phone Case

14 / 20


AKA, leave me alone. This phone case says the things you don’t have time to say.


To Buy: Nordstrom Rack, $14.97


Photo: Nordstrom Rack

Namasté Tee

15 / 20


We’ve all seen the “nama-STAY in bed” shirts, but what about the gals who love to party? Here’s a top that shows off your ~zen~ side, while also showcasing your admiration for local drinking establishments. What else could you possibly need?


To Buy: Francesca's, $25


Photo: Francesca's

Suns Out Buns Out Swim

16 / 20


We’re all about these trendy one pieces with snarky sayings on them, but we especially love this sunny yellow one. Stand out on the beach in banana, and don’t be afraid to sun your buns.


To Buy: REVOLVE, $99



Meow Choker

17 / 20


Add the perfect touch of spunk to your outfit with this flirty feline choker. Wear it for your next night out with a minidress and heels, and you’ll have all the boys purring.


To Buy: Claire's, $4.79


Photo: Claire's

Killin’ It Undies

18 / 20


For a constant reminder that you are *killing* the game lately, check out these chatty boyshorts. What’s better than motivational underwear?


To Buy: Rue 21, $3.99


Photo: Rue 21

Fries Before Guys Sweatshirt

19 / 20


Finally, a sweatshirt that emphasizes our love for French fries. Wear this on a cozy rainy day inside or with ripped black jeans for a day running errands.


To Buy: NORDSTROM, $51.90



Hustle Water Bottle

20 / 20


This water bottle makes us want to hit the gym, just so we can show it off. Why else would people go to the gym?


To Buy: Rue 21, $4.89


Photo: Rue 21

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