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How to Wear Rain Boots: 19 Outfits for Puddle Jumping

Brighten up rainy spring days with a pair of trendy puddle jumpers. Whether you need to brave a storm or just look darling in a downpour, we found 19 trendy blogger looks that will teach you how to wear rain boots. These outfits will have you singing in the rain no matter how gloomy it is outside.

Rain Boots & Polka Dots

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Emily of the blog The Sweestest Thing keeps her look fun and springy with hot pink Hunters and feminine polka dots.

Photo: The Sweestest Thing

Rain Boots & Trench Coat

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We approve of this rainy-day outfit donned by style blogger Jessica of What I Wore. When in doubt, a trench coat pairs perfectly with rain boots.

Photo: What I Wore

Pastel Rain Boots

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Pastel puddle jumpers are an easy way to beat your rainy-day blues. We love these worn by Kendi of Kendi Everyday.

Photo: Kendi Everyday

Rain Boots & Stripes

4 / 19


If you're looking for a casual and neutral look, take note of Blair from the blog Atlantic-Pacific. Her striped top and khaki-colored mini skirt mix perfectly with her plain black boots and cognac bag.

Photo: Atlantic-Pacific

Rain Boots & Chambray

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Chambray is a great fabric for spring, so toss on your denim top or dress as Rachel of Pink Peonies did, and slip into your wellies. We love how her boots match her bold lip!

Photo: Pink Peonies

Rain Boots & Skinny Jeans

6 / 19


White jeans for spring are a no-brainer. Complement your fresh spring look with a pair of cute rain boots like Grace's of The Stripe.

Photo: The Stripe

Rain Boots & Cutoff Shorts

7 / 19


It wouldn't be spring without cutoff shorts. Jessica of the blog The Blonde's Couture created a casual look but dressed up her rain boots by adding a braid and a bow.

Photo: The Blonde's Couture

Rain Boots & Dress

8 / 19


Rain boots are the perfect addition to any of your springtime dresses. Whether you're rocking floral print or fresh white like blogger Merrick's Art, we highly suggest this style.

Photo: Merrick's Art

Rain Boots & Socks

9 / 19


We love how Candace of Live Love Read layered up her socks and boots to combat this rainy spring day.

Photo: Live Love Read

Fancy Rain Boots

10 / 19


Contrary to popular belief, rain boots can be fancy, and Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook proves this theory. If the rain is threatening to ruin your dressed-up look, don't stress! A pair of sleek black rain boots can complement your formal looks.

Photo: Wendy's Lookbook

Casual Rain Boots

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For life's more casual occasions—and natural hikes—rain boots are the perfect solution. Keep your pretty shoes out of the mud, and let your wellies do the walking, as Kasia of Make Life Easier did.

Photo: Make Life Easier

Rain Boots & Gingham

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Gingham is the quintessential print for spring and Beth of Seersuckers + Saddles proves it. Whether you're on a springtime picnic or heading out to run errands, gingham and rain boots are two peas in a pod.

Photo: Seersuckers + Saddles

Rain Boots & a Pencil Skirt

13 / 19


Stephanie of SS Life + Style got creative with her rain boots and made them work with her pencil skirt and a white tee. The key to pairing these two pieces is making sure you create space between the top of your boots and the hem of your skirt. So yes, show a little skin!

Photo: SS Life + Style

Rain Boots & Mini Skirt

14 / 19


A mini skirt and rain boots combine for our favorite April showers outfit. Taylor from Little Blonde Book nailed this look with her cozy sweater, tall socks, and leopard-print clutch.

Photo: Little Blonde Book

Rain Boots & Floral Dress

15 / 19


Sarah of Classy Girls Wear Pearls complemented her bright floral-print dress with a pair of pastel rain boots. We love this look for any spring day.

Photo: Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Colorful Rain Boots

16 / 19


For a colorful spring look, match your boots to your outfit. Katie of Skunkboy Blog perfectly coordinated her style choices for a cheery spring day.

Photo: Skunkboy Blog

Patriotic & Pretty

17 / 19


When in doubt, the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue always work well together. We love how Christina of The Quarter Life Closet dressed up the look with a statement necklace and a swipe of lipstick.

Photo: The Quarter Life Closet

Primary Colors

18 / 19


If you're feeling playful, try a primary-colored look. Audrey of the blog Frassy combined blue, yellow, and red rain boots to brighten up the gloomiest of spring days.

Photo: Frassy

Bright Yellow Rain Boots

19 / 19


Go bold or go home. Annabelle of Viva Luxury took that thought seriously when styling this look. Don't be afraid to stand out in your rain boots. Bold colors are a great way to go!

Photo: Viva Luxury

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