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No Need For Chit-Chat: These Statement Bags Will Do All The Talking

First, think of your favorite food. Believe it or not, there’s a bag for that. Fave hobby? Check. Fave animal? Of course. Whether you’re into ladybugs, photography, or even taco trucks, there’s a purse out there that can communicate your love. It’s always good to have a couple go-to bags, but for the days you’re feeling funky, nothing shows off your spunk quite like a statement bag. Here are 24 wild bags that’ll give any outfit a fun twist.

Camera Carryall

1 / 24

Know someone who’s always behind the camera? Give them a personalized gift with this adorable camera-inspired purse from Modcloth. We like this purse because it’s muted enough to wear with a variety of outfits, but it still tells a unique story.
To buy: Modcloth, $59.99

Photo: Modcloth

Pineapple Purse

2 / 24


Modcloth wins our hearts again with this pineapple basket bag that’s almost yummy enough to eat. Perfect for a summer vacation or walking the boardwalks on the beach, this sweet satchel will soon become your fave sunny-day purse. Pair it with a light sundress and cat-eye sunnies for a look that screams summer.


To buy: Modcloth, $87.99


Photo: Modcloth

Fendi Florals

3 / 24


Statement bags come in all shapes and sizes, so if fruit isn’t your thing, maybe this colorful floral bag will be. We can already envision this bag on our shoulder paired with white jeans and a chambray top.


To buy: Neiman Marcus, $2,600 

Photo: Neiman Marcus

Mini Phone Crossbody

4 / 24


Okay, this one’s obviously adorable, but it gets better. You can actually hook up your cell to the purse and use it as an old-fashioned phone. Mind=blown.


To buy: Zappos, $60.99


Photo: Zappos

Taco Truck Clutch

5 / 24


When we think of Kate Spade, we normally don’t think of taco trucks. But wow, are we glad the two have joined forces. Honestly, what could be better than a cute purse and a taco truck? (the answer is *real* tacos, jsyk)


To buy: Bloomingdale’s, $358


Photo: Bloomingdale's

Boombox Bag

6 / 24


Turn up the heat (and the music) with this cool-girl boombox satchel from Dolce & Gabbana. This purse would work casually with a band tee and ripped jeans, or dressed up in a miniskirt and booties for a night out on the town. Whatever your vibe, the boombox bag adjusts its volume.


To buy: Moda Operandi, $2,891

Photo: Moda Operandi

Candy-Coated Crossbody

7 / 24


This purse from Anthropologie reminds us of a vacation in Mexico or an excursion in India (you can lie and pretend it’s from a far-away destination). Pair it with a white dress and tan wedges for brunch with the ladies. Don’t forget the candy-colored lip!


To buy: Anthropologie, $278


Photo: Anthropologie

Embellished Basket Bag

8 / 24


Basket bags are totally back in style, and this one by Betsey Johnson puts a spin on the typical woven purse. We love that it’s black with colorful embellishments, giving you an array of color options when choosing an outfit. Go for dark wash jeans and your favorite pair of funky heels.


To buy: Macy’s, $64.80


Photo: Macy's

Ladybug Crossbody

9 / 24


Ladybugs aren’t just for little girls anymorethrow on your favorite black jeans with a cozy off-the-shoulder sweater and complete the ensemble with this glittery pop of red.


To buy: Charming Charlie, $22


Photo: Charming Charlie

Dexter The Dino Bag

10 / 24


If a sparkly ladybug isn’t your style, check out this matte black dinosaur purse from ASOS. Style it with a black and white combo outfit for an ultra chic yet fun look.


To buy: Modcloth, $29


Photo: ASOS

Biker Jacket Bag

11 / 24


Bags don’t get any cooler than this biker jacket-inspired shoulder satchel, complete with gold-trimmed pockets and zippers. Bring out your inner badass and pair it with leather leggings, heeled booties and a plain white tee.


To buy: Nordstrom, $1,895


Photo: Nordstrom

Sequins on Sequins

12 / 24


For the days you want your outfit to feel as luminous as you are, reach for an all-sequined purse like this pastel floral bag from Charming Charlie. Wear it with a gold minidress for a night out, or rock it with a white romper for lunch with your ladies.


To buy: Charming Charlie, $35


Photo: Charming Charlie

Popcorn, Anyone?

13 / 24


Calling all popcorn aficionados: this bag was made for you. Throw it over your shoulder and strut around town in your favorite pumps and biggest sunnies. We’re totally craving this buttery bag designed by Betsey Johnson.


To buy: Macy's, $59.99


Photo: Macy's

Fuzzy-Strap Satchel

14 / 24


Looking for something a little different? Look no further. This mini purse with a fuzzy strap screams high fashion. Get all the sophistication of a structured bag with the soft comfort of a teddy bear (minus the teddy, of course).


To buy: Loéil, $89


Photo: Loéil

Embroidered Circle Bag

15 / 24


Take grandma’s embroidery to a whole new level with this adorably chic circle bag from Anthropologie. It’s the perfect amount of space to fit your phone, keys, money, and a fave lippie, keeping all your essentials right on your arm.


To buy: Anthropologie, $248


Photo: Anthropologie

Seashell Satchel

16 / 24


For you mermaid wannabes out there (guilty as charged) here’s a statement bag that’ll finally make you feel like the merwoman you were always meant to be. This seashell-shaped satchel is the perfect place to keep your dinglehopper, just in case your hair needs a midday pick-me-up.


To buy: Modcloth, $59.99


Photo: Modcloth

Romantic Royalty

17 / 24


This bag was obviously designed for a princess, so what are you waiting for? The regal clasp and dainty chain make this a go-to bag for date night or other special occasions (can everyday be a special occasion?)


To buy: Macy's, $59.99


Photo: Macy's

Poppy Yellow Purse

18 / 24


This flowery collection by Coach was meant to be carted along to all things sunny: the farmer’s market, an outdoor patio, a picnic in the park. This playful statement bag will quickly become one of your favorite staples.


To buy: Coach, $1,200


Photo: Coach

Map It Out Tote

19 / 24


For the world traveler: this bag not only has a map printed on the side, but it’s guaranteed to fit all your on-the-go essentials. The map is subtle enough for everyday use, but also makes a beautiful statement on its own.


To buy: Belk, $199


Photo: Belk

Disco Hearts

20 / 24


This disco ball-inspired clutch will make you want to get up and dance wherever you are. Big enough to fit all your needs, but small enough to come with you for a night out on the town. Your purse will likely be the center of attention.


To buy: Free People, $178


Photo: Free People

Lilly Leather Trunk

21 / 24


This mini trunk bag by Mayra Fedane wouldn't be complete without the vibrant accents of color. Wear it with your go-to jeans and a black sweater to make the purse really pop. Its unique boxy shape and clasp remind us of a makeup box.


To buy: Shopbop, $639


Photo: Shopbop

Space Patches

22 / 24


Whether you’re a NASA wannabe or just really love space, here’s a satchel that’ll have you over the moon. Complete with rocketship patches and alien paraphernalia, this bag’s got everything a space cadet needs.


To buy: Coach, $59.99


Photo: Coach

Ballerina Bag

23 / 24


A purse can’t get much daintier than this tulle ballerina purse with gold accents. Balance the girly bag with skinny jeans, pointy-toe pumps, and loud gold jewelry.


To buy: Charming Charlie, $29


Photo: Charming Charlie

Eggplant Clutch

24 / 24


Show some love to the eggplant emoji (or maybe just your love for eggplant?) with this funky metallic clutch from Forever 21. Whether you take it to the bar or out on a first date, you can let the purse do all the talking.


To buy: Forever 21, $12.90


Photo: Forever 21

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