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Readers Spill! Swimsuits For All Body Types That Make You Feel Confident

We asked, and you answered! We have your real-life recommendations for slaying swimsuit season, no matter your size, shape, or age.

With Spring Break and summer fast approaching, swimsuit season is on everyone’s mind. (Not to mention if you’re one of the lucky ones taking a winter vacation to escape the cold!) We’re going to hear a lot about getting into our “bikini body,” but what does that really mean? If you ask us, every body is a bikini body, because size doesn’t matter when it comes to feeling confident in your own skin—take it from these women who have no problem showing off their beautiful bods.

In the spirit of body positivity, we bring you 12 examples of fabulous swimsuits for all body types so you can slay the beach, no matter your size, shape, age, or anything else!


If You're A D+ Bra Size, Listen To These Ladies

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“As a full-figured woman, swimsuit shopping isn’t my favorite activity. I have trouble finding a top that supports my large bust and bottoms that hold in my tummy without buying two separate suits or resorting to a one-piece. But thanks to Nani Nalu and Lane Bryant, two of my holy-grail swimwear brands, I don’t have to dread swimsuit season. Nani Nalu has swimsuits for all with a huge range of cup sizes for my big titty girls, and Lane Bryant has trendy plus-size suits that cover what I want, but still let me show off my bod. Both brands offer swimsuits that are comfortable, long-lasting, and hold my girls up decently well, so I don’t have to worry about a nip-slip while splashing around.” —Natalie, 22

swimsuits for all

“I have bigger boobs, so something with underwire a necessity. I love the Underwire Push-Up Bikini from Victoria’s Secret because I don't have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction, and the bright colors and design still make it a fun option. This top from Victoria Secret’s Pink is a similar option, and it comes in six different colors so you can pick and choose to match your favorite bottoms.” —Kate, 21



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“I'm a generally small person (5'0" and straight-sized), but I am not a standard size in bras (I'm a 32F). I’ve come a long way from wearing sports bras all the time (hi, teenage me) to working in a mass bra retailer where nothing cute came in my size (not naming names!) to wearing bras that actually fit. Once I was turned on to the idea that I could find great-fitting bras if I went to the right retailers (thanks, La Petite Coquette), I took the same approach to swimwear. My first foray into swimwear in an actual bra size was a Freya suit, but this summer I got this halter suit with underwire that I love via Everything But Water. My tip to anyone with D+ boobs is to shop online at a retailer with a huge selection, or check out a local bra shop that caters to a wide range of sizes, as they will often have similar swimwear!” —Jackie, 30


swimsuits for all
photo provided by Alyssa

“I have a 32DD chest, so finding a top is basically impossible. Mediums and larges that'd fit my cups are too loose and trying to fit into a small is a laugh. This Shade & Shore suit from Target sizes by bra size, keeps the girls in place while swimming, and the cheeky bottoms give my butt a little lift. I got this suit in two colors (a cute pink print and a solid black) for my last Spring Break and loved them both.| —Alyssa, 24

If You Want To Get A Bit Cheeky, Check Out This Advice

"I've been stocking up on swimsuits for a recent family vacation and spring break, and Brazilian suits from Zaful and Triangl have been my absolute fave. Since I have a small bust and short torso, I like Brazilian bottoms to lengthen my body and show off my booty.” —Carter, 22


"My favorite swimsuit is a triangle top and low-rise bottom. I love the way a triangle top fits and and is comfortable yet sexy! It does take some searching to find the right top that is both flattering and supportive though, so beware. High waisted bottoms fit funny on me, as I feel I have to always adjust them to look good. Low-rise bottoms fit my small butt better, and when I wear them, I don't feel I look as hippy, which I like.” —Amanda, 22



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“I love a high-cut, slightly cheeky bottom because it emphasizes my long legs and shows off my butt, two of my best features. I can wear almost any style top (thank you, small boobs), but my favorite right now is a simple, stringy triangle bikini top.” —Kara, 23

For The Tummy- Or Hip-Conscious, These Swimsuits Will Show Off Your Other Favorite Assets

swimsuits for all

"I’m a big fan of one-piece swimsuits and high-waisted bottoms because they help bring in my hips and tummy, which are my most self-conscious areas. My current favorite place to swimsuit shop is Asos—it has swimsuits for all body types: tall, petite, plus-size, maternity, you name it! I got this New Look Lace-Up One-Piece for my trip to Greece and loved how it covered me up, but still made me feel sexy with a little cleavage." —Alexa, 22


“My favorite swimsuit set is from Victoria's Secret [Editor’s note: RIP Victoria’s Secret Swim]. It's a pair of black, high-waist bikini bottoms paired with a supportive bikini top. I love my high-waisted bikini bottoms because they help suck in my tummy and are in a figure-flattering black. The bikini top is also amazing because it has underwire in it, like a bra, to help support my girls. My second favorite suit is a high-neck monokini from Target. I love my high-neck monokini because it keeps my boobs in check, and the monokini style is really flattering on my body without having to go full one-piece." —Lauren, 22

swimsuits for all

“I love this high-neck bikini top from Athleta because it’s stylish and provides good support, so it looks good when you’re lounging or when you’re in a heated water volleyball match. As a woman with larger hip/thigh/derrière, I love any high-waisted bottoms, but especially this pair by Aeire. They make me feel confident because they’re more flattering for my body type and don’t cut into my sides (creating the dreaded muffin top).” —Julie, 32


“I love anything high-waisted! I'm not too particular on brand, but something that’s comfortable and has a flattering cut on the booty—just because I'm really short with a very small bust, so it's my favorite asset. I like that high-waisted bottoms cover my lower tummy area, too, which is probably the area I'm most self-conscious about when wearing swimwear. As an avid carb-lover, having a chiseled and flat tummy is simply out of the cards for me, so this swimsuit definitely hides that area!” —Alexis, 23

swimsuits for all

“Target has been killing it with its swimsuit selection, so it’s hard to pick just one. My favorite style swimsuit includes an underwire top to support my large bust, and a full-coverage bottom so I can feel comfortable prancing around the pool without wearing a cover-up. This retro, push-up bikini top is so cute, but also keeps my girls perky and in place, and these ruched, high-waisted bottoms hug me in all the right places and slim me down where I want it. I love how you can mix-and-match everything from Target’s swim collection.” —Laura, 21

If You’re One Hot Mama (Or Soon To Be!), These Suits Are For You

swimsuits for all

“I saw CupShe a lot on Pinterest and Instagram, and I wasn't sure if it was legit, but the prices were so good I figured it couldn't hurt to order one. I was surprised by the quality for the price. I like to have a few swimsuit options, so I love that these are trendy and affordable so you can stock up on multiple choices. (Almost all are less than $30). I love that they have really fun, trendy high-waist and mid-waist options because I've had three babies (and three c-sections), so I'm a little self conscious about my scar and stretch marks.” —Hilary, 28

swimsuits for all

“I love this swimsuit because somewhere someone decided maternity swimsuits should all be black or navy, and it’s so dowdy and depressing. Pink Blush has swimsuits for all that are stylish and on-trend and don’t make you hide behind a black tent just because you’re pregnant. And it actually supports your boobs, which get huge during pregnancy. There’s enough fabric to cover them without looking too risque, and because it’s just a ruched side, you can actually wear this tankini after pregnancy too. I love Pink Blush because a lot of their clothes can be worn when you’re not pregnant, too, and maternity clothes are so expensive that it feels like a rip-off that you can only wear them for a few months.” —Rhonda, 31

If these 12 testimonies of swimsuits for all types of beautiful bodies didn’t give you the confidence to rock your favorite suit, just remember...

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Taylor is an Editor at and an alumna of Iowa State University. Aside from her sartorial love, she considers herself a documentary enthusiast and Frenchie aficionado. She is also shamelessly addicted to predictable rom coms and anything by Drake.

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