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We Found Your Perfect Swimsuit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Our zodiac signs can tell us so much about ourselves, including which kinds of swimwear are ideal to rock poolside. From colors, prints, and styles, we've done the research and found your perfect suit for the summer based on your sign!


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As independent and original people, our Aquarius friends cannot be bothered by styles just because every other sign of the zodiac likes them. Like this Breanne Floral Peplum Swimsuit from RAD Swim, they gravitate toward fun, eye-catching prints that they won't be able to stop smiling about.

To buy: RAD Swim, $94

Photo: RAD Swim


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Show off your gentle and romantic side in this Tori Praver Elena Deep V-Neck One Piece Swimsuit. The soft colors give off a delicate, feminine vibe while the deep plunge shows off your curves.

To buy: Pacsun, $165

Photo: Pacsun


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There's no doubt that Aries love being active. Between their seemingly unending energy and competitiveness, a comfortable suit that allows for plenty of range of motion is totally idea. This RVCA My Tide Long Sleeve Suit from Pacsun will have you ready for any physical challenge.

To buy: Pacsun, $79

Photo: Pacsun


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Things of high-quality that double as being overtly practical make the heart of a Taurus sing. No need for any passing fads, a Taurus is bound to rock a suit that will be just as "in" next season as it is this year. This Mesh High Neck Bikini From Venus checks all of the boxes.

To buy: Venus, (top) $32.99, (bottom) $17.99

Photo: Venus


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If there's anything a Gemini hates most it's reptition and routine. This suit must be fun and easily able to adapt to whichever personality they are showing the world that day. This reversible Under the Sea Maaji two-piece is perfect for any mood!

To buy: Nordstrom, $63

Photo: Nordstrom


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Listen up, Cancer signs of the world: Not only is white your total power color, but with an imagination as big as yours, any prints would just hinder your one-of-a-kind creativity. This Lost Ink Button Plunge Swimsuit from Asos even includes a button down front for an extra cute touch.

To buy: Asos, $34

Photo: Asos


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Nothing but vibrant, bold colors and styles will due for this fire sign of the zodiac. Leos are known for being strong, creative, and passionate, and their suit had better follow in step. This one-shoulder, Claudia one-piece from Free People with a wraparound side cutout is a perfect match to a Leo's personality.

To buy: Free People, $168

Photo: Free People


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Virgos tend to gravitate toward clean, girly, sophisticated styles, and that describes everything that this suit from Oasap is. The zipper in front lets you decide where the neckline ends and the clean nautical lines just scream, "I'm on vacation" (even if you're not!).

To buy: Oasap, $18.99

Photo: Oasap


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Show off your love for the finer things and the latest styles in this off-the-shoulder bikini set from Crystalline. The adorable look will easily get a Libra lady plenty of admiration and set apart from the crowd while not putting her uncomfortably in the limelight!

To buy: Crystalline, $23.90

Photo: Crystalline


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Known for being calm, cool, and mysterious, this Jefa Bikini by Ashley Graham x Swimsuits for All exudes everything a Scorpio gal is about. The chic, black color along with that plunging keyhole cutout is sure to turn heads on your next vacation.

To buy: Nordstrom/, $61.60

Photo: Nordstrom


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Our Sagittarius friends can first and foremost give a nod to nature with this floral print bikini by Maaji Swimwear. As a tried and true traveler, this suit will give them total comfort no matter where they are in the world, while being just trendy enough to look absolutely stunning for every Insta-worthy picture they take.

To buy: Nordstrom, $70

Photo: Nordstrom


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A Capricorn ladies' style tends to lean on the side of sophisticated, and this Robyn Lawley Plunge Swimsuit from Swimsuits For All gives the perfect amount of class with just a dash of sexy. The ruched sides flatter all body types, and the crossback straps provide a fun and visually appealing look with a ton of support for this earth sign.

To buy: Swimsuits For All, $132.97

Photo: Swimsuits For All

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