Super-Size My Clutch

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Super-Size My Clutch

Bigger is always better, especially when it comes to bags! Choose the right one, and it may just be focal point of your entire outfit. The oversized clutch is the bag of choice for many and chic enough for both night and day. Not practical, you say? Think again. Oversized means extra space and makes these clutch bags perfect for fitting in all your must-haves, without bearing the weight on your shoulders.

tHE aLTER eGO iS aWAITING by orly♥r~14

A beaded clutch is the perfect evening bag with just the right amount of pattern and texture. Choose a bag with multi-colored beads and you’ll have a versatile accessory to pair with many of your outfits.

Untitled by ~diannesarahoryennyonly~

Oversized portfolio clutches are a great daytime choice. Lighter colors, such as this tan one, are casual and fun but still sophisticated. This is one has so much room, you can even use it to keep important papers together! 

Untitled by peyton_angel

Every girl needs a black clutch, it’s like having a little black dress. But if you want your handbag to stand out amongst the crowd, try one with excess material or embellishment like panels or fringe.  

You should walk with me. feel free to hold my hand. by paper&plastic

Purple and hardware, two great elements for this fall. If you’re not ready to commit to purple as being your everyday handbag, this clutch is the way to go.

minimel by when urban meet prep

Choose bright and multi-colored clutches when wearing basic colors like black, white and grey. Guaranteed to make your outfit pop!