Ten Signs You’ve Hit the Working-Mom Style Wall

by admin

Ten Signs You’ve Hit the Working-Mom Style Wall

Few things are as exciting to a woman who’s watched her body balloon to epic proportions during pregnancy as the first time post-baby that she can fit a decent pair of cool jeans (read: not Old Navy or Mossimo cheapos) over her butt, let alone a pair in a pre-baby size. So you can imagine my disappointment when, days after purchasing a pair of amazing Joe’s Jeans with a waist size smaller than pre-T days, I learned from a coworker (twenty-something, no kids, size zero) that “boot cut” jeans were a dead giveaway that someone was an out-of-touch mommy who thought she was hip but really was hopelessly outdated. Gulp. I always thought “Mom Jeans” were just the high waisted, baggy horrible things you saw on women in bad reality shows like “Super Nanny” or “Wife Swap,” not $200 denim from a trendy boutique. I had to admit I had hit the Working Mom (aka, “WoMo”) style wall. If you answer yes to any of the below, you probably have too …

Ten Telltale Signs You’ve Hit the WoMo Style Wall:
1. The last time you flipped through a Ladies Home Journal in the dentist office, you thought the clothes were pretty cute

2. If you own an item of clothing that required trying on in a dressing room—or a sidetrip outside the usual Target-Costco-Whole Foods weekend loop—it’s older than your children

3. These items terrify you: jeans without stretch, thongs, bikinis, sundresses requiring a tan, backless (read: bra-less) shirts or dresses

4. You don’t understand what all the fuss is about with jeans—don’t the ones at Old Navy basically look the same as the $150 pair all the celebs wear anyway?

5. When heading out to lunch or for a “girls’ night out” with friends, you’re stuck struggling to find something halfway trendy from the Banana Republic business casual separates side of the closet or your resorting to your T-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops from Target weekend uniform

6. On date night with your husband, you spend half the night checking out all the other women in the restaurant to see how everyone is wearing their hair these days

7. You’ve convinced yourself your haircut is a sexy Gwyneth-style do rather than the mom bob you always swore you would never get

8. Daily Candy emails and fun reminders about sample sales in your neighborhood get an automatic “delete.” (Who can fit into those samples anyway?)

9. You honestly catch yourself glancing through the maternity department at Target sometimes—and you have no intention of being preggo anytime soon

10. You still have—and wear often: pink velour sweat suits, platform flip-flops, a down vest, slip-on sneakers, kitten heel mules, 7 for all Mankind jeans.