Ten Ways to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

by admin

Ten Ways to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Spring is just around the corner, and the flavorful colors this coming season are probably making your mouth water. For women who are confident enough to wear neon shades of yellow, tangerine, lime, and pink, head to toe are most likely basking in their options. But what about those who fear fashion that is attention-grabbing? Working bright shades and blog prints into your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a headache or impossible. Nope! Just breathe, count to twenty, and let go of your self-doubt because the fabulous aspect of fashion is diversity. Believe me, there are numerous ways that you can add color to your outfits without feeling self-conscious and silly.

Here Are Ten Ways to Brighten Up Your Basics:
1. Shoes: Colored stilettos, peep-toe flat sandals, wedge heels, boots, platforms, and even flip-flop sandals add a special, surprise touch to your outfit. Whether worn with jeans or a vintage dress, shoes can do more than just make or break an outfit—they can complement the rest of your pieces.

2. Scarves: Some women are still trying to figure out the best way to wear a scarf. But what about the color or print to gravitate towards? Once you are aware of the best shades for your skin (remember how close this piece is to your face), have fun with this sophisticated trend.

3. Earrings: Whether you are all about studs, are hip to big hoops, or are always on the lookout for sexy, dangly chandeliers, adding color to your everyday outfits is simple with a chic pair of earrings.

4. Necklaces: Spring runway shows are showing that big is better when it comes to necklaces. Show your personality with a turquoise stone, a yellow taxi cab necklace from Betsey Johnson, or colored ribbons intertwined with chains!

5. Headbands: Whether you want to add some sass to your short bob or are seeking a way to hold back your curls without having to use a scrunchie, a bold red, pink, or polka dot headband can definitely add some fun to your fashion. (Bandanas rolled up like headbands are great, too! That is my weekend staple.)

6. Skirts: The type of skirt you choose, of course, depends on your body shape and size. A bold red A-line cut style or a knee-length, prairie skirt with woven yellow and green designs will provide you with a feminine flair while making a statement that skirts can be anything but boring.

7. Dresses: Springtime is such a wonderful to experiment with styles and feel carefree! Silk, drapey dresses were a hot item on the runway for this coming season … but is that you? Visit your local retail shops to see the renditions that are available and affordable, and try on, try on, try on.

8. Blouses: So if a colored or print dress is a bit much for you, a bright-colored blouse may be a safer bet for you. A hot pink tee or a one-shoulder polyester-cotton blouse paired up with jeans or a black pant will still exert your confidence and show flair!

9. Belts: On top of a dress or creating more of a svelte shape to a boxy blouse, a belt in a gold, silver, turquoise, or even white will revitalize an all-black outfit. Contrasting bright colors (such as a purple belt and a red blouse) will also give your outfit some amazing flavor, with a little couture and lots of fun written all over it.

10. Handbags: I prefer my big, black Jessica Simpson bag for my everyday work purse, but I enjoy fancying up my nights out with a gold, pink, or banana-colored clutch. Just because a purse is a practical item for a woman to have; the color and print you choose should be one that makes you smile.

By Elana Pruitt